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Conservatism and Gratitude

By Yuval Levin Upon accepting one of the four Bradley Foundation prizes on June 12, … Continue reading


The rewrite of No Child Left Behind is a compromise, but a principled one

By Frederick M. Hess Congress has finished rewriting the No Child Left Behind Act, the … Continue reading


Which party will emerge from its gathering storm?

by Michael Barone Each of our two (by world standards) ancient political parties seems to … Continue reading


How anti-immigrant attitudes are fueling support for Donald Trump

By Michael Tesler Political commentators have asserted for months that Donald Trump’s dominance of the … Continue reading


Beyond Distrust: How Americans View Their Government

Broad criticism, but positive performance ratings in many areas Complete report PDF Overview A year … Continue reading

Brian Sandoval Nevada

Meet the Republican governor who is taking a middle-ground approach to Syrian refugees

By Amber Phillips, Washington Post As what to do with 10,000 Syrian refugees set to … Continue reading


The G.O.P. at an Immigration Crossroads

By David Brook It’s no exaggeration to say that the next six months will determine … Continue reading


The Social Security Facade

 by Jared Meyer Our system of taxing the young to pay for the old needs … Continue reading


header-hoover-institution-fellows1-1Latinos Ready To Vote (LRTV)  to is an organization dedicated to promote voter Registration among Latino Americans, naturalize Legal Permanent Residents in Latino communities and promote Conservative Principles. We will work to inform Latinos on issues important to them and their community.  Moreover, we will inform them about the benefits of civic engagement to ensure that we, as Americans citizens, have an equal access to legal political rights and representation in all branches of state and federal government.  We know that the Latino community is becoming a strong voting bloc.  Hence,  we encourage Latinos to register to vote and learn about the issues salient to the  community and America, such as education, jobs, the economy, immigration, and the broken entitlements system  (i.e. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) that will hurt future generation of Americans.  Therefore, we seek to encourage all  Latinos in America to participate in their community and in America, through civic engagement, success in education, successful entrepreneurship, and participate in the political process by voting.

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Foreing born

The Unique Challenges of Surveying U.S. Latinos

By Anna Brown, Pew Hispanic Center Complete report PDF As the U.S. Hispanic population grows, … Continue reading


Deciding Who Drives: Policy approaches to providing driver’s licenses for unauthorized immigrants

The Pew Charitable Trusts Deciding Who Drives (PDF) U.S. citizens and lawful immigrants can routinely … Continue reading


Contrasting Partisan Perspectives: GOPers Now Prefer ‘New Ideas’ to ‘Experience’

 by Pew Research Center In a Shift, Republicans Now Prefer ‘New Ideas’ to ‘Experience’ Complete … Continue reading


Pew Hispanic: Views of Immigration’s Impact on U.S. Society Mixed

by Pew Hispanic Center   Views of Immigration’s Impact on U.S. Society Mixed Complete Report … Continue reading


What Americans want to do about illegal immigration

By Sara Kehaulani Goo, Pew Research Center The debate over the future of the nation’s … Continue reading


TT/UT Poll: Hispanic Views on Issues and Parties in Texas

By Alex Gonzalez These charts are from data in the new Texas Tribune/ University of … Continue reading


Two charts that explain why Rubio and Huckabee love big gov’t

by Alex Gonzalez I have constantly argued that as Republicans continue to “gray,” it will … Continue reading


Sanctuary City v. Priority Enforcement Program: Pure Politics?

 by Alex Gonzalez Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, says that the will “use fast-track procedures to … Continue reading


Where Have the Voters Gone in Latino Counties in Texas?

By Alex Gonzalez   The Texas Secretary of  of State  November Voter Registration report shows … Continue reading


New Poll says Texans are divided on Immigration and GOP frontrunner.

By Alex Gonzalez A new comprehensive poll by Texas Luceum shows that Texans have many … Continue reading