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Linda Chavez: Fanning the Flames of Racial Tension

By Linda Chavez Words matter — and never more so than when race is involved. … Continue reading


Gallego and Hurd aren’t far apart on border issues

By Gilbert Garcia, San Antonio Express News A rule of thumb in American politics is … Continue reading

Unemployed by ObamaCare

. . WSJ, Editorial Board Three new Fed surveys highlight damage to the labor market. … Continue reading

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Support for School Choice Continues to Grow

        By Jason Bedrick Today, Education Next released its latest survey results … Continue reading

Travis County Special prosecutor Michael McCrum announced that Texas Governor Rick Perry has been indicted by a grand jury in Austin, Texas on Friday, August 15.

Karl Rove: A Texas-Size Abuse of Power

By Karl Rove A left-wing public interest group gets a special prosecutor to indict Gov. … Continue reading


Joe Straus: Texas House increasing budget scrutiny

By Joe Straus The Texas House knows how to cut taxes and balance budgets. During … Continue reading


Arthur Brooks: Breaking out of the party box

By Arthur C. Brooks For years, conservative politicians have been charged with indifference toward the … Continue reading

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How many Jobs will be Created in Texas with the New “Obamalaw” on Immigration?

By Alex Gonzalez How many jobs will be created with the new law that is … Continue reading


Welcome To Latinos Ready To Vote!

Latinos Ready To Vote (LRTV)  is an organization dedicated to promote voter Registration among Latino Americans, naturalize Legal Permanent Residents in Latino communities and promote Conservative Principles. We will work to inform Latinos on issues important to them and their community, work to help create new citizens from those legal immigrants eligible to do so.  Moreover, we will inform them about the benefits of civic engagement to ensure that we, as Americans citizens, have an equal access to legal political rights and representation in all branches of state and federal government.  We know that the Latino community is becoming a strong voting bloc.  Hence,  we encourage Latinos to register to vote and learn about the issues salient to the  community and America, such as education, jobs, the economy, immigration, and the broken entitlements system  (i.e. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) that will hurt future generation of Americans.  Therefore, we seek to encourage all  Latinos in America to participate in their community and in America, through civic engagement, success in education, successful entrepreneurship, and participate in the political process by voting.  

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Badge - 2008 election

Where Have All the Voters Gone in Texas?

by Alex Gonzalez From 2010 to 2014, the Population of Texas has increased by 4 … Continue reading

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Latino Jobs Growth Driven by U.S. Born

By Rakesh Kochhar Immigrants No Longer the Majority of Hispanic Workers For the first time … Continue reading


Top issue for Hispanics? Hint: It’s not immigration

By Jens Manuel Krogstad, Pew Hispanic A broad overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws has … Continue reading

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Women, Texas, and Politics: The Proportional Representation In Congress

by Admin Women had a 59.5% turnout in 2012 and male voters had a 54.90% … Continue reading


Register To Vote!

“You can help decide your community’s leadership only if you’re registered to vote.”   Register … Continue reading


How many Jobs will be Created in Texas with the New “Obamalaw” on Immigration?

By Alex Gonzalez How many jobs will be created with the new law that is … Continue reading


Witch-hunting Rick Perry To Stop Him From Running in 2016

By Alex Gonzalez Witch-hunting is the best tool that Democrats, in Texas, have to stop … Continue reading


What is Next For Tea Party Groups After Defeat Nationally? Texas

By Alex Gonzalez Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas won GOP primary defeating tea-party challenger yesterday … Continue reading


Ted Cruz is Disappointed Republicans Don’t Want to Deport Dreamers

By Alex Gonzalez On Tuesdays, Ted Cruz rejected the Republican House Bill to fund the … Continue reading


Why Republicans Should Be Preparing For The New “Obamalaw“

By Alex Gonzalez President Obama is getting ready to roll out his new “executive” plan … Continue reading

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