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The Politics of the Common Core Assessments

By Ashley Jochim and Patrick McGuinn Why states are quitting the PARCC and Smarter Balanced … Continue reading


More Republicans Favor Path to Citizenship Than Wall

by Jeffrey M. Jones 76% of Republicans favor path to citizenship; 62% building a wall … Continue reading


No Unity, No Victory

By Linda Chavez Conventions are usually pretty boring affairs, but this week’s Republican convention was … Continue reading


In Speech, Trump created a fake sense of crisis; how he’d handle a real one?

By Philip Bump To mark the first anniversary of the day that terrorists hijacked four … Continue reading


The Truth Is That We Need Immigrants

by Matthew Rooney It may seem ironic, but the truth is, immigrants made America and … Continue reading

How Reince Priebus Surrendered

By Eli Stokols, POLITICO Magazine The RNC chairman laid out a road map for winning … Continue reading

Beyond Calls for Unity: What’s Next for Republicans Who Don’t Support Donald Trump

By Juleanna Glover The constant pleas for unity during this week’s Republican National Convention cannot drown out … Continue reading


In praising Trump, Mike Pence pushes an imaginary and corrupt narrative

by Michael Gerson On a national convention stage that includes the kettledrum personalities of Sen. … Continue reading


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logoLatinos Ready To Vote (LRTV)  to is an organization dedicated to promote voter Registration among Latino Americans, naturalize Legal Permanent Residents in Latino communities and promote Conservative Principles. We will work to inform Latinos on issues important to them and their community.  Moreover, we will inform them about the benefits of civic engagement to ensure that we, as Americans citizens, have an equal access to legal political rights and representation in all branches of state and federal government.  We know that the Latino community is becoming a strong voting bloc.  Hence,  we encourage Latinos to register to vote and learn about the issues salient to the  community and America, such as education, jobs, the economy, immigration, and the broken entitlements system  (i.e. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) that will hurt future generation of Americans.  Therefore, we seek to encourage all  Latinos in America to participate in their community and in America, through civic engagement, success in education, successful entrepreneurship, and participate in the political process by voting.

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Pew Survey: Hispanic voters and the 2016 election

Pew Research Center Hillary Clinton currently has a 66%-24% advantage over Donald Trump among Hispanic … Continue reading


Defending DAPA and Expanded DACA Before the Supreme Court

Today, the American Immigration Council releases Defending DAPA and Expanded DACA Before the Supreme Court: … Continue reading


Adding Up the Billions in Tax Dollars Paid by Undocumented Immigrants

Download File Often lost in political and policy debates about undocumented immigration is a simple … Continue reading


In More States, Newest Immigrants Are Educated Asians

The Pew Charitable Trusts    In 37 states, a country other than Mexico is now … Continue reading


Migration Policy Report on DAPA: Illegal immigrants would earn more if court approves Obama action

The Supreme Court in April 2016 is expected to hear arguments in the administration’s appeal … Continue reading


SCOTUS, Immigration Executive Order, and the Presidential Race

by Alex Gonzalez The longer-term implications of the 4-4 tie on DACA/DAPA are more vexing … Continue reading


They are no longer “Dreamers” only, they are full-fledged Americans

By Alex Gonzalez The Defense Department ordered the Army to begin accepting young immigrants who … Continue reading


Why Mexican flag is offensive, but not other “foreign” flags?

by Alex Gonzalez Last week, Trump called those protestors in New Mexico displaying the Mexican … Continue reading


America Is Great and Will Be Greater, without Trump

By Linda Vega America is one of the greatest countries in history and in the … Continue reading


What will become of the GOP and its relation with Latinos after Cleveland?

By Alex Gonzalez Should Conservative Latinos leave the GOP after Trump and Cruz? Where will … Continue reading