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Trump Cruz

Cruz, Trump and the Caricature of Conservatism

By Peter Berkowitz The angry and uncompromising tone adopted by Ted Cruz in Iowa and … Continue reading


Re-elect Joe Straus to the Texas House

San Antonio Express-News Editorial Board The thoroughly negative campaign against Texas House Speaker Joe Straus … Continue reading


Houston House Race a Test Case of Identity Politics

By Alex Ura, Texas Tribune The bright green “Gene Green U.S. Congress” sign was planted … Continue reading


Paul Ryan to Tea Party: You are the problem

 by Paul Walman, Washington Post Today, Paul Ryan gave a fascinating speech at Heritage Action, … Continue reading


Entitlement reform and the GOP: Goodbye to all that?

by James Pethokoukis, AEI Not much talk about the national debt during this GOP primary … Continue reading


New Hampshire Is Make-or-Break for Several Republicans

By Reid J. Epstein and Heather Haddon, WSJ Kasich, Bush and Christie need a solid … Continue reading

A Farewell to Entitlement Reform

 By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., WSJ After Iowa, the populist dog whistle in Republican politics … Continue reading


Lawyers for Texas Talk Strategy on SCOTUS Immigration Hearing

by Julián Aguilar, Texas Tribune Texas First Assistant Attorney General Chip Roy and Solicitor General … Continue reading


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logoLatinos Ready To Vote (LRTV)  to is an organization dedicated to promote voter Registration among Latino Americans, naturalize Legal Permanent Residents in Latino communities and promote Conservative Principles. We will work to inform Latinos on issues important to them and their community.  Moreover, we will inform them about the benefits of civic engagement to ensure that we, as Americans citizens, have an equal access to legal political rights and representation in all branches of state and federal government.  We know that the Latino community is becoming a strong voting bloc.  Hence,  we encourage Latinos to register to vote and learn about the issues salient to the  community and America, such as education, jobs, the economy, immigration, and the broken entitlements system  (i.e. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) that will hurt future generation of Americans.  Therefore, we seek to encourage all  Latinos in America to participate in their community and in America, through civic engagement, success in education, successful entrepreneurship, and participate in the political process by voting.

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Millenial  Latinos voters

Millennials Make Up Almost Half of Latino Eligible Voters in 2016

By Jens Manuel Krogstad, Mark Hugo Lopez, Gustavo López, Jeffrey S. Passel and Eileen Patten, … Continue reading


THE $900 BILLION QUESTION: A Complete Fiscal Analysis Of Donald J. Trump’s Immigration Reform Plan

                                         THE $900 BILLION QUESTION: HOW TO ADDRESS … Continue reading


Supreme Court could reshape voting districts, with big impact on Hispanics

By Drew DeSilver, Pew Hispanic Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court decided to take up … Continue reading

Foreing born

The Unique Challenges of Surveying U.S. Latinos

By Anna Brown, Pew Hispanic Center Complete report PDF As the U.S. Hispanic population grows, … Continue reading


Deciding Who Drives: Policy approaches to providing driver’s licenses for unauthorized immigrants

The Pew Charitable Trusts Deciding Who Drives (PDF) U.S. citizens and lawful immigrants can routinely … Continue reading


The deceptive “angry white” blue-collar revolt against the establishment

By Alex Gonzalez The angriest and most pessimistic people in America that pundits and polls/surveys … Continue reading


Latinos have a “Patron-age” Problem Within the Democrat Party in Houston

By Alex Gonzalez In 2012, I wrote a piece about why  the Republican Party  needs … Continue reading


U.S. Senate race in CA will be between white liberals v. Latinos and Republicans

by Alex Gonzalez The race to succeed Barbara Boxer in the U.S. Senate in California … Continue reading


Why Cruz and Trump are a liability for GOP in the Golden State among Latinos

By Alex Gonzalez A new poll in California shows that, while Ted Cruz and Donald … Continue reading


Why Hispanic Conservatives say Cruz is as bad or “worse” than Trump

By Alex Gonzalez On Tuesday morning Alex Castellanos told Moring Joe cast that Ted Cruz … Continue reading