Best Campaign Videos

Gov. Susana Martinez’s Full RNC Speech 8/29/12


Jeb Bush on Meet The Press August 26, 2012–Education and immigration

Greg Abbott:  Dream Big.America the great

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin FY2013 budget proposal

Newt Gingrich is the leader we need to rebuild the America that has given us so much.

Rick Perry’s Message on traditional  values and “American is calling” voters to in Iowa.

An Extraordinary Video by Newt Gingrich on Rebuilding America

Mitt Romney’s new Florida campaign Video in Florida for Latinos: “nosotros”.

Linda Vega Immigration Forums

Linda Vega, Republican Latina talks about Republican outreach to Latino Community.

Linda Vega, Republican Latina describes how Governor Perry is the best candidate for Latinos in Presidential Election for 2012. He is our Latino Candidate.

Why I am A Latina Republican: Linda Vega describes her upbringing and Republican influence

Republican Latina, Linda Vega describes her Republican Values

Immigration Debate

W. Bush and Latinos

Outreach Campaign Video, 2004

President George W. Bush spoke about his best-selling memoir, “Decision Points.” Program from Sunday, January 30, 2011.

The Freedom Collection is a central feature of the Human Freedom initiative at the George W. Bush Institute.
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