Adios Pat Buchanan

By Alex Gonzalez

The white race consists of those who partake of the privileges of the white skin in this society– Noel Ignatiev

With all the typical colloquial anti-Mexican rants by Pat Buchanan gone, as he was fired this past week, Saturday mornings won’t be the same.   According to Politico, Buchanan was fired because he claimed, in his book, that by 2025 “white America will collapse.” Cartoonish culturalist characters like Buchanan, an Irishman, whose own ethnic background used to be anathema to the WASPish nativists governing structure, now claim to represent and defend.  But, Buchanan’s raise and desire for recognition and legitimacy among the nativists WASPish “white” power structure comes from his how Irish root to want to prove that he too can be oppressive and thereby entrusted with power.  And, to prove that he white enough, Buchanan had to create cultural enemy he could battle in defense of “white America”.

Often, when Buchanan was asked why was he so anti-Hispanic,  in particular anti-Mexican,  when he himself, as an Irish man, would have been accused of the same prejudice, he was now casting on Mexican, Buchanan answers was the Hispanic or Mexicans  are  not white, or not westerner,  And thus, they  cannot entrusted with white power structure, but Rather, he claims, Mexican, or Latinos,  are threat Anglo-model of government and culture.

For and Irishman, like Buchanan, to survive in a dominant WASPish Protestant world, he needed to prove that  was defending the established governing rules and “white” cultural norms.  And for those claims to have any legitimacy , Buchanan needs a cultural enemy from whom he could portray himself as fighter against such enemies that is a threat to the protestant establishment.  Thus, in a way, Irishmen like Buchanan,  who seek legitimacy in a protestant “white” world, need to “act up” to survive in a white WASPish  world, and this has been the story of Irish in American.

In his book,  How The Irish Became White, Noel Ignatiev  points out that Irish exchanged their greenness for whiteness, and collaborated with the dominant white culture to continue the oppression of African Americans as the mean to prove that Irish could be white—entrusted with the power structure.  Although the Irish had white skin, this did not give them their acceptance into white America. Their white skin tone only gave them admission into this vast majority.   However, if they were to assimilate into America they were going to have to earn this privilege by helping the Democrats in their opposition to the anti-slavery movement.

Thus, Irish learned how the play the “race card” (fair skin) in the favor and used again blacks to gain favor from protestant.  Irish-Americans judged that the best way of gaining acceptance as good citizens and to counter the Natives movement was to cooperate in the continued oppression of African Americans.  And so, we have the tragic story of how one oppressed “race,” Irish Catholics, learned how to collaborate in the oppression of another “race,” Africans in America, in order to secure their place in the white republic.

For the last twenty years, Pat Buchanan has been playing the “white privileges” race card:, writing books on how the demographic shift in the southwest, where  Mexican-Americans, and their Hispanic,  culture will result in the collapse of  “White American,” Notwithstanding the fact that 65% of  Hispanics self-identify as white,  and  by third generations of Mexican-American acquire  “middle-class values”, which is also a perceived measurement of  “whiteness”, aka assimilation.

 But in Buchanan’s book on the collapse of “white America”,  Buchanan does not care about that fact that Mexicans or Hispanics are following the same path to “whiteness”  as the Irish did, because he needs to have  an enemy that would allow him  prove that he is the protector of whiteness.  But, sadly, his own claims of whiteness emanates out of   his own cultural and ancestral complex of an Irishman wanting to survive  in dominant nativists Protestant circles.   Thus, For Buchanan,  every chance he gets to beset  a Mexican flag a culture,  is a chance to prove the WASpish crowds that he is “white”.

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