America’s Southern Border Is Secure

header-hoover-institution-fellows1-1By Jacob L. Vigdor


Between the mid-1980s and 2007, America’s Border Patrol annually apprehended an average of more than a million Mexicans attempting to enter the U.S. illegally. That figure has since fallen by more than 75 percent—a drop caused by fewer Mexicans attempting to cross, not fewer crossers being caught.

Key Findings

  • Mexicans are now leaving the U.S. faster than they are arriving: America’s Mexican-born population nearly tripled during 1990–2007; since 2007, the number of illegal Mexican immigrants has declined annually by 185,000.
  • Because crossing the border illegally has become so difficult, Mexicans have largely stopped trying: since peaking at 1.6 million in 2000, arrests have declined by more than 85 percent, to 229,178 in 2014—the lowest number since 1970; hiring a “coyote” smuggler to cross the border is now about eight times more costly than it was in the early 1990s, adjusting for inflation.
  • Mexico’s demographic and economic trends suggest that the age of massive Mexican emigration has ended: in recent years, Mexico’s economy has grown at twice America’s rate, while Mexico’s population growth has stabilized.


America’s Southern Border Is Secure by Latinos Ready To Vote

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  1. To claim that the United States has a secure border is one of the most obscured pathetic fabrications I’ve ever read. To the so called “journalist” who willingly and knowingly falsified information on US borders in an attempt to mislead Latinos for voting purposes… YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! YOU ARE A LIAR Your confidence in Latinos believing your fake story should give us Latinos a very clear picture on the level of intelligence and common sense you think we have. “Because crossing the border has become so difficult “ ‍♀️ I’m unable to post a picture that was taken 2 days ago in Tucson Arizona where evidence is being uncovered of a child sex trafficking camp operating in several different locations in the Arizona desert with proof of rape, torture, and murder of young children takes place and the human remains of a child being the most recent discovery since this camp was accidentally discovered over a week ago. Among other proof such as what appears to be a “rape tree” condoms (used and unused) underwear, kids toys, crib, lotion, knife w/blood stains, and preparations for the construction of some type of underground prison that was in the process of being built. Our “border fence” is so far from secure it’s embarrassing. People have more secure fences in their backyards, in gated communities, and even in section 8 apartment complexes than what is securing US borders. Barbed wire fences are advanced compared to our border fences. It’s as if we are the 3rd world country judging by looks of that fence. If you think 3 wires tied to wood posts no higher than 3ft is secure than you have eyes that can not see. And ears that can not hear. The truth does not resonate in you and you should seek a new profession.

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