Arthur C. Brooks: Competing visions of the common good: Rethinking help for the poor (video)

Americans across the political spectrum place a great deal of importance on caring for those in need and avoiding harm to the weak. Yet political leaders, religious leaders, and the public pursue these shared moral values in sharply different ways. In his new book “On God’s Side: What Religion Forgets and Politics Hasn’t Learned about Serving the Common Good” (Brazos Press, April 2013), Jim Wallis seeks to transcend some of these divisions by recovering an ancient moral vision of the common good.

What is a biblically informed view of caring for the poor, orphaned, and widowed? What shared commitments do we have as citizens and neighbors to care for one another?  And how can a proper ordering of America’s political economy enable the most people — including the vulnerable — to have the best life? At this event, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), a longtime champion of human rights causes, and AEI President Arthur Brooks will join Wallis in addressing these and other questions.


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