Become Citizens Today!

Become Citizens Today!

As an organization that seeks to promote civic education among Latinos, one of the main mission of Latinos Ready To Vote is the Naturalization of all Legal Permanent Residents. Over 900,000 Legal Permanent Residents (PRs) currently live in Texas and are eligible to become U.S. citizens.   Every year 100,000 new LPRs settle in Texas and are eligible to also become U.S. Citizens. Therefore, we have prepared a booklet with up to 95% of all the answers to the Naturalization Test for all those eligible Legal Permanent Residents that want to become citizens.

The booklet is written in way that is easy to read for those wanting to pass the basic civic knowledge Naturalization test. The handbook is also written in the order as it appears in the official Immigration and Naturalization Citizenship Test

You can find the official  Naturalization Test questions Here>>>  

You can find our booklet with the answers here>> Booklet Original Power Point

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