Beware of Imposter GOP/Republican Groups

By Linda Vega

Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true–  Julius Caesar

If we look at who is courting who for votes, I shudder to think that we at the GOP are asleep at the wheel.  We look at groups who blast the name Republican on their websites, blogs, groups, and cater to them in desperation hoping that they will unite our party. They ask us for donations and we believe that we are helping our party, but we may be helping the other side. Do your due diligence that is investigate the group.  The best way to start is, look at their history and what they have said about the GOP and our candidates.  Next, look to see who is running the group and their work within the party.  Finally, look to see who is funding them. If they say they are the largest GOP group of Latinos, for example, be mindful.  They are a reincarnated ACORN.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing.    We must be careful, even Caesar knew who his enemies were inside his Tribunal before he was stabbed by them, that is.

As the GOP We must look ahead to what our goals are and we must not forget that we are a party of inclusion.  We invite those who want the best for America.  We invite those who see concrete values in family cohesiveness, economy, liberty, and a love for this country.  We should not expect that many will see things as we do.  They will pretend to be our friend, or claim to have the largest number of Latinos, or women, or Asians, but we must be careful and ask the right questions.  Will you stand with our nominee when the primaries are over?  Will we stand united and back our candidate even if we do not agree with his points of view?  After all, we cannot agree 100% with the ideas and plans, and if we agree with 50% that should be sufficient to give our allegiance to the GOP for the sake of our country.  Yet, before we get there, let’s be certain that we fund the proper groups, the “conservative ones” not just the ones who paste the word Republican on their websites or their blogs, but those who will stand with the GOP through thick and thin and who will defend the principles that are good for the country.  Let us, as fellow Republicans (because to be any other name is lacking confidence at this point), understand what is at stake in this primary election and this general election.

If we win the White House back, we will be in line to choose at least 2 Supreme Court Justices.  However,  if this Administration remains in the White House, they will select Justices who will weave their agenda into interpreting laws that will change our country and our lives in America toward a “progressive” direction.  At stake is the ability to correct many of the laws that need reforming, including that of redistricting, immigration, and even healthcare will be in the hands of those who have a fondness for what is the quick fix, rather than what is just and good for our economy and America.  We have the opportunity to overturn Roe v. Wade.  So we cannot fail.  We must make certain that we do not fail.

We cannot afford to lose this Presidential election.  There is no opportunity to forgive an “oops” combined with hate rhetoric.  If we can take a moment and listen to Senator Rubio as his portend tells us, we as a Republican Party are losing our numbers in membership.  We are not attracting the young voters to our side.  Rather, we are losing them to those organizations that are promising them vindication and a coup if we (as the GOP) do not adhere to their points of view.  Our youth are being misdirected to “other” groups out of desperation.  And we cannot afford this.  We need to select a strong leadership to make difficult decisions for our future as America, a great nation.  As Gov. Jeb Bush is teaching that there is value in concentrating on the youth and their education.  Those groups teaching hate rhetoric rather than respectful dialogue, are creating friction for our party.

Of the Presidential candidates, Newt Gingrich is offering sound solutions to our debt crises, our unemployment numbers, and our poverty issues.  Moreover, he has a tax solution that speaks to all of our citizens, the rich, middle class, and the poor.  We have abandoned what is good for this country to insult our candidates on a personal level or because those with a one tract agenda seek to distract us from the real issues, those that are good for America.

So for the next few months, we need to work as TRUE Republican organizations—–true Conservative Organizations, Latino, Asian, Black, White, et. al.  We have lost sight of our principles and our values so that we will believe anything.  Just because the name of the group says “we are Republican,” beware just as Caesar was.  His friends were not loyal to him.  We should not be comfortable with those who speak ill of our party, and call themselves our friends.


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