These are our Opinion writers

Linda Vega  is a native of Texas. Born in Weslaco, Texas, she is the youngest of nine siblings.  She was graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and the George Washington Law School in D.C., with a full scholarship from both establishments. She has previously worked for The Department of Labor, and is currently in private practice at THE VEGA LAW FIRM. Her areas of expertise are in Immigration and Labor/Employment-Labor Law. Ms. Vega practices nationally (50 states) and internationally as many of the issues regard federal law and international law. Ms. Vega volunteers in Houston, Texas in events hosted by NALEO and the Mayor’s Office for Immigration Agency, as well as the Neighborhood Centers. She is a member of the New Mexico Bar, Federal Bar Association, the American Bar Association, American Immigration Lawyers Association, American Trial Lawyers Association, National Rep. Congressional Committee for Immigration/Small Business, National Res. Senatorial Committee for Small Businesses, U.S. Senate Hispanic Task Force, New Mexico District Court, Texas Southern U.S. District Court. Ms. Vega is fluent in 2 languages. In 2012, Linda Vega was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to the Family Practice Residency Advisory Committee.  The FPRA committee makes recommendations to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board regarding the funding of family practice residency training programs. You can read Read Linda’s opinions here>>

Alex Gonzalez:  is a political Analyst/Strategist . He is devoted to an in-depth  analysis of American History, Political Sciences and Western civilization and the political  advancement of Latinos in the U.S.  He received a Bachelor Degrees in 2007 and a Masters’ Degrees, with emphasis in American politics, in 2009 from San Fransisco State University. You can read his opinions here>>

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