Blueprint for America: Trade and Immigration: Facts v. Fiction

header-hoover-institution-fellows1-1Scholars at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University—professors, thinkers, and practitioners of global renown in their respective fields— offer a series of accessible policy ideas for civic, economic, and security architecture that would shore up the long-term foundations of American strengths. Blueprint is a beyond-the-Beltway profile of the basic policy priorities facing an incoming president and Congress. Edited by George P. Shultz

 CHAPTER 9: Trade and Immigration by John H. Cochrane    Every month, 5 million Americans lose their jobs—and another 5 million get new jobs. John Cochrane returns to first principles to cut through intense political posturing on both sides of the trade and immigration debates.

George Shultz Blueprint for America Ch 9 by Latinos Ready To Vote

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