Broken Promises in South Texas

By Rep. Raul Torres

These past few months, I have had the opportunity to be out on the road traveling on the campaign circuit throughout South Texas.

I often wonder about the people that I have seen on the campaign trail.  There was the waitress, the bank teller, the secretary, and the business owner and I have often wondered to myself, Who are they? Where do they live?  What are thinking about as they rush to the warmth and security of their home and their families?  Whoever these people were it seems to me that somehow I’ve met them.  Oh maybe not those particular individuals, but still I feel I know them.   Some liberals refer to them as the “masses” which only proves that they don’t know them at all.  Yet, when I look upon them each one reminds me a little bit of myself, my family and my friends.

Come to think about it I’ve had the privilege to meet people all over South Texas in that very special kind of way that comes only during the time you are campaigning. They are not the masses or as the elitist would have it, the common man. They are very much uncommon. Each of these individuals has his or her own hopes, dreams, plans and problems. These people and their parents and grandparents are the uncommon heroes of yesterday and today. They are the primary reason why America is better place to live and work than any other place on Earth.

The political landscape in South Texas is unique and different than any other place in Texas.  Despite many spoken promises over the past 60 years many of these uncommon heroes are no better off today than they were 60 years ago.  It is obvious to see that the Democrat Party has taken them for granted.  Election after election, they are promised that if they will vote Democrat then the poor and needy will be taken care of and their children will receive a great education.  Well, 60 years has past and many of these quiet, uncommon heroes continue to remain poor and needy and their hope for a better future for their children and grandchildren is nowhere to be found.

This past week I had the privilege to speak to a room full of these uncommon heroes.  Most of them were older in age.  As I shook their hand and looked upon their faces I could see the hard life and struggles that have been through.  Many of them shared with me their personal story of the empty promises they were given by slick talking Democratic politicians who, as they put it, only wanted their votes, and never kept their promises of helping the poor.   They told me they were hurt because after all these years of loyalty to the Democratic Party they have nothing to show for it except more poverty and less hope.

As I concluded my talk I said, “You don’t’ have to live with broken promises. As of today, I give you this promise, after I am elected, your voices will be heard and your dreams will become my dreams and your hopes will become my hope as well.”

As I finished many women came up to me with tears flowing from their eyes as we hugged and said goodbye. It was a moving and humbling moment for me. I got a feeling I will see them again very soon and perhaps, in the not too distant future, we can give them a reason to believe and have hope again.

After they are worth it.

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