California PPIC Poll: Clinton 54, Trump 28. Among Latinos, Clinton leads 71-12

logoThese are among the key findings of a statewide survey released today by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), with funding from The James Irvine Foundation. Clinton leads Trump 54 percent to 28 percent among likely voters. Both the Green Party ticket led by Jill Stein and the Libertarian ticket headed by Gary Johnson have 5 percent support. Clinton led by 16 points (47% to 31%) in the September PPIC survey. Today, most Democrats (88 %) support Clinton, and she leads among independents (48% to 24%). Most Republicans support Trump (70% ). Clinton leads by a larger margin among women (59% to 25%) than among men (48% to 32%). She is ahead in all age, education, and income groups. The race is closer among whites (45% Clinton, 36% Trump) than among Latinos (71% to 12%and members of other racial/ethnic groups (72% to 15%). This last category includes Asian American and African American likely voters the sample sizes for which are too small for separate analysis.

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Likely voters prefer Kamala Harris over Loretta Sanchez by 22 points (42% to 20%). Harris led Sanchez by 7 points in the September PPIC survey (32% to 25%), 18 points in the July PPIC survey (38% to 20%), and 8 points in the May PPIC survey (34% to 26%), when we were not including ballot designations. Today, Harris leads Sanchez by 27 points (51% to 24%) when we exclude the 18 percent who volunteer they would not vote for either Democratic candidate. Harris has majority support among Democrats (56%) and leads by 21 points among independents (38% to 17%); 36 percent of Republicans volunteer they will not vote in the US Senate race. Harris leads by wide margins among whites and members of other racial/ethnic groups while Sanchez has a slight lead among Latinos (41% to 33%).

California PPIC statewide survey by Latinos Ready To Vote


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