Can Congress stop the president’s executive order? No But…

With so much “hot air” chatter on this “executive action,” it is important for people to know the legal and “democratic” venues to improve or repeal this “action.” Watch this video below. It explains it fairly easily. You don’t have to be a constitutional scholar to get it.

1. Congress can repeal it. But Obama will veto it, and Republican do not have 2/3 in both chambers to override presidential veto.

2. Republican can pass an immigration bill, improve on it, that will superseded the executive action. Obama then will sign it.

3. SCOTUS can declare it unconstitutional if state files a lawsuit. But if state files a lawsuit, it needs to have standing–how this law causes injury, or harm. And to prove this can take time. So the law is here to stay for a long time before it can be declared unconstitutional.

4. This “executive action” can be replace by the next president. Let’s say a Republican.

So this new “order” is here to stay for a while, and those preaching “the rule of law” have legal and democratic avenues to repeal or improve it. So while the politics of it may be filled with “hot air,” there it process under the rule of law to undo it or replace it.

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