Castro and Patrick: Desperately Seeking The Spotlight

By Linda Vega

Texas is a success because Texans understand freedom:  Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Enterprise.  Most Texas Residents would agree that they like the fact that they are in control and not the politicians, which is why we value our Texas freedom.

A recent online battle between U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro and Texas State Senator Dan Patrick, two elected politicians from different parties, has ignited. Both of them are trying to sway people on the “idea” of what is morally correct and good regarding immigration, protesting, and boycotting businesses in Texas.  This type of behavior is not only undemocratic, it is bad for people, bad for business, bad for families, and bad for Texas.

On the one hand, Dan Patrick who is running for Lt. Governor as a Republican, is persuading people that immigrants are the demise of the Texas. Yet according to recent reports, he built his wealth with immigrants, illegal ones at that.  Now he approaches them with resentment, with detest at times and accuses most immigrants of breaking our laws and leeching off the system, despite the fact that he did the same thing (at their expense) for many, many years.  Patrick now seeks the spotlight by explaining that he will be tough on crime and criminals, all the while targeting immigrants and equating most violent crimes with immigrants, and none to the white collar criminals who stole from the system to rise to power, much like himself.

On the Democrat side is U.S. Representative Joaquin Castro, who is trying to tell the public that Republicans are against immigrants and that Texans should boycott, Buc-ees, whose owners have contributed to Patrick in the election. In his attempt to be the defender, Castro is in essence interfering with the free enterprise and free speech that he purports to uphold and defend, in many of his speeches and attacks on Patrick.  Moreover, he is asking patrons to help dislocate workers who have families to feed and bills to pay by asking for this economic protest.  He is acting like a union bully wanting to control our economic prosperity, using fear and anger much like Patrick is using toward immigrants.

Business owners, like those of  Buc-ees should not fear endorsing candidates, much like Nick and Liecie Hollis should not fear retaliation for fundraising for Castro.  Mr. Hollis is CEO of United Allergy Labs in San Antonio and co-founder of PowerTel, one of Australia’s largest telecommunications carriers, and no one has asked Texans to refrain from using telephones or boycott products from Australia because we don’t agree with Rep. Castro’s points. No.That is not democracy. That is tortious interference with a business and that is interfering with free enterprise, not to mention stifling free speech.

Both of these candidates seem to use, free speech and free enterprise to their liking and to their use, forgetting that those suffering from such reckless political bickering are Texans, the same people they purport to protect and represent.

I would ask that we redirect the Lt. Governor’s race to the issues and less about these two politician’s spotlight. Those in need of free speech and jobs.

Gentlemen, let’s focus on the state’s prosperity and freedom and less on the vanity of the spotlight.

Linda Vega is a former Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. She graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and the George Washington Law School in D.C.  She worked for The Department of Labor, and she is currently in private practice at THE VEGA LAW FIRM. Her areas of expertise are in Immigration and Labor/Employment-Labor Law.  In 2012, Linda Vega was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to the Family Practice Residency Advisory Committee.

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