Dallas Morning News: We recommend George P. Bush for land commissioner

By Dallas Morning News

P BushGeorge P. Bush wouldn’t be the powerful candidate for land commissioner he is were he not a member of one of the Republican Party’s and the state’s great political dynasties.

Putting that aside, Bush, 38, is the better choice among the candidates on the ballot for this office and the person most likely to have influence in Austin were he to win.

Democrat John Cook, El Paso’s 68-year-old former mayor, has demonstrated he can run a major city and has good ideas for governing the state’s public land.

Bush favors expanded oil and gas exploration on that land, something that could raise funds for public schools. Such new exploration must be sensitive toward the environment, something Bush has pledged to balance.

Bush also favors a murky Texas Supreme Court ruling that could turn public beach into private land after major storms. That ruling needs further consideration, and Bush should support it cautiously given Texas’ history of open beaches.

His background in finance and law, and his years within a political family, give Bush polish beyond his years. If he approaches the office with the balance he has promised, he could be a bridge between his party and his generation.

Also running are Libertarian Justin Knight and Green Party candidate Valerie Alessi.


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