Together we can make our democracy more representative

Help us stop voter suppression, misinformation and to empower your communities to vote and get more involved to save our democracy for future generations. Stay informed, get involved and Vote! 

Latinos Ready to Vote is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We rely on the support of our generous friends and donors to promote our mission.

Latinos Ready To Vote (LRTV) is an organization dedicated to inform Latinos on issues important to them and their community. Moreover, we will inform them about the benefits of civic engagement to ensure that we, as Americans citizens, have an equal access to legal political rights and representation in all branches of state and federal government.

If you are planning to contribute more than $10,000 we ask that you give via check to ensure your support goes directly to funding our work.

Checks must be made to “Latinos Ready To Vote,” 6666 Harwin Dr. #340, Houston, TX 77036 6666

All Contributions to LRTV are tax-deductible. EIN: 81-5021881

For more info: email: