GOP House Principles: standards for immigration reform

As expected, the GOP outline called for a path to citizenship for young people brought to the U.S. as children and granting a form of legal status allowing many other immigrants now in the U.S. illegally to stay here.

It also would make changes to the visa system for high-tech and agriculture workers, improve border security and mandate the use of a biometric system—using markers such as fingerprints—for visitors exiting as well as entering the U.S.

The House’s next step on immigration isn’t yet clear and it is uncertain what will advance in the chamber this year.  The blueprint is also silent on whether the broader undocumented population will ever be able to apply for permanent residency

The pathway outlined in the principles does not open up until the nation’s borders are secure.

While this is a good first step, much remains to be seen when the legislation(s) are drafted and when the bill(s) will be scheduled for vote in the House floor.   

Immigration Standards

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