GOPers opposing DACA/DAPA ought to be worried with SCOTUS, and Latino Voters

logoby Alex Gonzalez

P_LatinoVote04-1018x580Today all eight Supreme Court Justices rejected a “conservative” effort to undercut the Hispanic vote in big states like Texas and California. SCOTUS rejected challenges on how states draw congressional districts based on population. The Ruling is a blow to conservative activists who argued the Constitution forbid counting immigrants and those under 18.

Last week, SCOTUS sort of kept the power of unions to collect “dues.” Today, SCOTUS also reject the efforts to dilute minority votes. As it has been the case, the GOP has become very ideological, but SCOTUS has become or stayed more pragmatist even though this was supposed to be a “very conservative court.”

What  it shows is that whatever party agenda the GOP has on immigration – opposition to DACA/DAPA is purely political – SCOTUS will not follow,  and  it I may rule in favor if DACA/DAPA because the GOP has not offered an alternative to fix the messy broken immigration system.

If SCOTUS rules in favor of DACA/DAPA, which schedule to start oral arguments on April 18th with a possible ruling on late May, Latino voters will be mobilized to vote against any GOP candidate that threatens to repeal it.

Both, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have one of the lowest favorables among Latino voters due to xenophobic and nativist anti-Mexico and anti- immigrant campaigns of mass deportation.

The old GOP is on the verge of a big political fracture between the establishment – who deliberately abandoned Marco Rubio and an immigration reform to woo more “blue-collar whites” – the Trumpians and the Cruz-ers who will not take a defeat calmly in Cleveland.

Latino voters already perceive  that the GOP has been taken over by extremists and  ideologues who resent the demographic changes. A ruling in favor of DACA/DAPA will only worsen the image of the party with Latino voters, especially in swing states like Colorado, Florida and Nevada where the Latino vote is very active.

A vote by SCOTUS upholding Obama’s DAPA/DAPA executive action – and opposition from GOP party leaders – will make the GOP convention in Cleveland messier and will create even deeper wounds with Latinos.

Alex Gonzalez is a political Analyst and Political Director for Latinos Ready To Vote. Comments to or @AlexGonzTXCA

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