Governing Texas in the Donald Trump era

logoBy Mike Ward and Scott Braddock, Houston Chronicle

If you thought the upcoming legislative session might go smoothly, think again. A throwdown over property-tax cuts appears to be on the horizon, pitting the state against local taxing entities including cities and school districts.

 Abortion will also be back, this time in the form of a bill to require fetal remains to be buried or cremated, in what quickly heated up the debate once again over women’s rights.

Facing a tight state budget, Texas will be hoping for some relief from the federal government in a Donald Trump era on the rising costs of healthcare and border security. But no one yet know whether that relief will come soon enough.

Texas politics are never boring, and these explosive topics and other behind-the-scenes insights about the upcoming legislative session are explored in this week’s Texas Take.

You can also watch the Interview with House Speaker Joe Straus with Evan Smith of Texas Tribune.


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