Help Sen. Marco Rubio Fight For The Conservative Message On Immigration.

From the usual suspects like Sen. Vitter calling Marco Rubio “extremely naïve,” The National Review is already scaring conservatives by playing the Mexican card—all immigrants and the sons of Latinos immigrants will go on welfare. The National Review  calls Sen. Rubio Proposal A Pointless Amnesty. For this reason, Religious leaders and Republican Latinos elected officials need to get involved and speak up to help Republicans grow the coservative base in the Southwest and Texas. We all need to help Rubio.   Passivity, or silence, among Latino Republicans and like-minded Republicans give those  like the National Review, FAIR, CIS and NumberUSA the upper hand to control the agenda and the message on immigration.  While we can do an intellectual and empirical argument about why 71% Latino voted Democrat,  portraying them as welfare takers is the same “47 percent” elitist attitude this is turning the GOP into shirking base. adn this is lossing path to take bach the White Hosue.

The Nation Review, just like Ann Coulter, does not care about Latinos leaving the GOP because if Latinos leave, they get to keep control of Republican party; when is not about immigration, is about education, when is not about immigration is about welfare; the NR editorial board  assumes that Latinos are genetically welfare takers.  They do not think Latinos, especially Mexican-Americans, can be Republicans.

Sen. Rubio, yesterday in a conference call with Latinos Republican organizations, asked everybody to get involved and call your Congressman. If you truly believe that without Latinos the GOP will become a minority Party, do you job and call you’re Congressman and tell him/her to support the immigration bill.

Linda Vega & Alex Gonzalez

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