Hispanic/Latino Voting Numbers by Party and by State

By Alex Gonzalez

These are  graphs designed to explain where Hispanic/Latino turnout since 2004. Also illustrates in a state-by-state polls and Hispanic registration numbers in 2010.


1. Graph 1 shows the total percentage of Hispanic/Latino turnout during each election as well as the number in millions of Hispanic/Latino  voters. If we follow the same exponential increase of voter and turnout of the last 7 years, there is straight line that can be draw from 2004 to 2012.


2. Graph 2 shows the numbers in millions on how many Hispanic/Latino voters voted for Republicans and Democrat during each election.  These numbers are the total share at the national level with 2008 being the lowest at only 29%.


3. Graph 3 shows the actual numbers of Hispanic/Latino turnout, registration, and eligible Hispanic voters by state.


4. Graph 4 shows the actual percentage Hispanic/Latino vote in those states with large concentration of Hispanics. It also shows the issues more important to Hispanic voters.


More to come…

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