Homeland Security Threats: The Real threats to National Homeland.

Homeland Security Threats: The Real threats to National Homeland.

For the first time in years, issues like: the southern border with Mexico, and illegal immigration, were removed from being labeled as “real” threats to the U.S. Homeland. Although in the past many attempts have been made by anti-Immigrant groups like FAIR and Kris Kobach to make the argument that illegal Immigration from Mexico is a matter a National Security–and thereby, we should promote tough immigrating laws– this year the House Hearing on “real” terrorist threats to the Homeland  focused more on issues of domestic “homegrown” radicalized groups and citizens who may be recruited through social media networks. Surprisingly,  not even Congressman Peter King (R-NY) could make any arguments on possible “terrorists” entering through the southern  border.

Secretary Napolitano and Matthew Olsen updated the committee on current and emerging terrorist threats. Among the issues addressed in the hearing were cargo security, domestic radicalization, and visa overstays. Secretary Napolitano was asked several times about the Obama administration’s decision to allow into the country an Egyptian politician with ties to a group on the designated terrorist organizations list, She said he was thoroughly vetted beforehand.

This Hearing and National Security shows the successful positive improvement by CBP  and makes it harder for  anti-immigrant “hard-liners” to continue portraying  border communities on this side of as war-zones.

Main topics

  • Strong Cyber Security Policies
  • Homegrown extremist organization recruitment in the US  via social media by al-Qaida continues  to be the most serious threat.
  • Propaganda for American audiences. Extremist groups promoting propaganda via social networks

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