Honoring Patriotic Latino Americans in This Day: Happy Cinco De Mayo

Latinos are among the most Patriotic Americans around. The  Latino immigrants who came  here came to work not hurt us. They  build our country, clean up after us and feed us.   They were not invited , nor given government assistance like the Boston Marathon bombers.  Our country lawfully allows some  people to come in for the sake of political correctness and “diversity”, yet criminalizes Latinos who just came to help.   Roy Benavides is a Hero.   Let’s honor his legacy by reforming our immigration laws.  We must solve immigration reform so we can start growing the GOP and save our country–Jacob Monty

Jacob Monty is one of the founders and Partners in the law firm, Monty & Ramirez, LLP based in Houston, Texas.  He has been named A Texas Super Lawyer in the years of 2008-2011, one of the top lawyers in Houston, Texas from 2006-2009, a nationally sought after speaker on the issues of Employment law, and recently the Chair, of the Latino-Jewish Alliance for Secure American (JINSA). Jacob Monty is a also Board Member of LRTV.


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