How to Fix Medicare: A New Vision for a Better Program

By Robert Moffit, Ph.D. and James C. Capretta

Abstract: Medicare is the government health insurance program on which the vast majority of America’s senior and disabled citizens rely. The program has no spending limits—despite its price controls and central planning— and, as currently designed, is simply unsustainable. All future taxpayers and retirees deserve to have good and reliable health insurance (federal employees already do). Medicare can be saved—but not by ever more burdensome government bureaucracy and micromanagement, such as prescribed by the misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Patient choice and market competition, along with strong budget controls, are the keys to reforming Medicare so that it will be available to future generations. And for those looking for guarantees—this paper details five principles on which future Medicare enrollees should be able to count. read full analysis at

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