If They Want to Kill the Bill, Latino Voters Will Remember Remember the Summer of 2013

By Alex Gonzalez

If you are a Republican and don’t want to help pass Immigration bill in the House and you want the bill  “killed,” I suppose that is alright  since that is your choice; one of the tenets of conservatism is always  having choices  because if something goes wrong one can be held accountable for it. That is the meaning of individualism and individual responsibilities. So if you want to kill the bill Mr. GOP go ahead, it is your choice. But let me remind you that your whole power structure plan is based on few seats in the House since you have no chance of taking the Senate or the W.H. without the Latino vote. Essentially, if you lose 30 seats in the House you will end up with nothing. So kill the bill,  but when 2014 and 2016 come around sure Latino voters will the right to ask you, do you remember, remember  the Summer of 2013 when you thought that listening to Limbaugh and Beck and Bill Kristol was more important than listening to Latino voters.

So don’t help. That is your choice, and your choices will have consequences. Just know that you are letting  few loud “birds”– in the words of Sen. John McCain–led by the beauty queen of Alaska, kill the Republican Party by pushing Latino voters away.  Sure you can argue that you only need the white voters, but you are living in “white voter” dream if that is indeed is your strategy. Moreover, the argument made  by opponents to this bill has no practical basis.

These loud ‘birds’ argue that this immigration Bill will create democrat voters. But in 2006, these “birds” were the same House Members and groups who opposed a similar Republican Senate bill led by Republican President that would have created Latino Republican voters.  So clearly this is not about preventing democrat voters, but also about preventing Republican Latino voters from joining the Party so they can have more control over it and hold on to entrenched “old values” for a little longer.

In addition, these “birds” and  the queen argue that the Republicans  cannot trust the government with “security” measures in the Senate Bill since the federal government  did not deliver in building the fence, so how can you trust them with new  promises in securing the border before granting legalization–Provisional Immigrant Status , the “birds” argue. Well, the fence was completed by 2010. According the Government Accountability Office (GAO) the Fence Act of 2006 signed by President Bush was almost completed by 2009; by 2009, 649 of the 652 miles were erected.  But what the “birds” argue is that only 367 miles were built as described in the Secure Fence Act of 2006 since about 300 miles of barriers were single-layer fence and the original Act specifically called for double-layer fencing.

The act was later amended to allow Border Security the discretion to determine which type of fencing was appropriate for different areas. Therefore, if you read GAO report, it clearly says that the fencing objective has been met; the difference is about single fence v. double fence. The “birds” want double-fence even if single-layer fence was sufficient in the middle of the desert.  So perhaps a five-layer fence– the “Great Chihuahua Fence”– as some are jokily calling it now–will be enough? Or how many layers of fence do they need? But these “birds” are not only erecting metal fences, they also erecting triple-layer invisible fences between the Republican Party and Latino voters since the demands reflect nothing of the values taught by Reagan and W. Bush.

Tactical infrastructure deployments are almost complete, but their impact on border security has not been measured. As of June 2009, CBP had completed 633 of the 661 miles (90%) of fencing it committed to deploy along the southwest border–GAO 2009 report. 

 The “birds” claim the 1986 and 2007 legislations did not stop illegal immigration. But any college Intro ECON class can  teach you about the push-and-pull effect in a Free Market capitalist nation. The economy cannot be regulated by flawed Visa system; when the free market economy grows, it pulls workers from any corner of the world; and the employers need laborers even when a broken visa system denies the workers to industries. So when no visas are available, industries are forced into a black Market or perish due to the lack  of workers denied by the broken Visas quota.  Superficial quotas were kept to supply only about 5% of  required labor.  Thus, in 1986, about 3 million were legalized but no mechanisms were allowed for adjusting the needs of  the U.S. labor demands to supply more workers to sustain the growth of the economy in the 1990s and 2000s. In 2006 the Fence Act only funded fencing but did not fixed the labor demands of markets. Economy growth cannot wait for bureaucrats to regulate economic activity. Regulating economic growth  based in visa quotas would be socialism.  In Texas alone, 15% of the labor force relies on this subgroup of people to sustain its economic growth. Therefore, “securing the border first” without allowing legalization for those already here, and more visas for  future flow, will keep pushing workers and employers  into the same clandestine black Market economy.

Also, in 2014 and 2016, when Mr. GOP comes around asking for votes, Latino voters  will have the right to ask, do you remember the Summer of 2013, when Bill Kristol, a Jewish-American, told you that not to legalize all those Mexican farmers while at the same time he kept asking Republicans,  through his  five think tanks,  to send billions of Dollars to Israel.  Mr. Kristol always ask us, Republicans and the U.S. government,  to pay for his military and cultural adventures in the Middle East with money that comes from trade with Mexico and perhaps even from those Mexican farmers working the land–70% of the agricultural jobs are performed by mostly undocumented Mexican immigrants;  but he wants those Mexican agricultural workers to remain as a second-class subgroup of workers in a clandestine black market.

What does it say about Mr. Kristol’s Jewish intellectual and moral character when he wants Republicans to aid one ethnic group, but neglect the other group who pays more in labor and money  for this nation? I mean Milton Freeman, also Jewish, argued that The Markets are best indicators of what to do; and most conservative economists argue this is immigration bill is good for the economy. So why oppose it. Furthermore,  David Brooks–also Jewish–argues that Mr.  Kristol’s ideas will lead to the “suicide” of the Republican Party. Thus, has Mr. Kristol abandoned his Jewish intellect for pure political opportunism that is cool with Tea Party right now?  If that is the case, what moral argument, other than political by avoiding giving Obama a victory,  Mr. Kristol can propose to have the U.S. government spend billions to keep his “people” free and protected, but here at home he want Republicans to keep Mexican laborers as second-class  workers with no rights. (don’t even bother calling me Anti-Semite since I tell Latinos that they need to be as assertive and politically savvy  as Jewish-Americans, embrace their model)

As I read the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist Paper I cannot find a line where the Founders could argued that it is Ok for Republicans to aid Israel in the Middle East but not Mexicans who are already here working the land with their families.  And as I recall, none of the writings of Max Webber, Milton Freeman or  Adam Smith–the Founders of Capitalism–argued that keeping a sub-group of workers as second-class is beneficial for Free Market Capitalism. So I don’t know where the “birds” and Mr. Kristol get their alleged “conservative” credentials but certainly they don’t come from American traditional moral, political, or economic doctrines that have made this country prosperous.

So go right ahead, let the “birds” and Mr. Kristol kill the bill; but Latino voters will remind you that in the Summer of 2013 you thought that building fences was more fun than reaching out to them.  They will also remind you about what will happen when Mexicans don’t  come anymore? Who is going help pay for Medicare and Social Security? Oh, you did not tell seniors that we don’t have enough natives workers to pay for entitlement services like Medicare and Social Security.  Oh, you did not tell  your  base of seniors about it?  But you knew that. And yet you made your choices not to tell seniors about it; and as conservatism dictates, you will be to be held accountable for your choices. Right?

You always tell the poor to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” Well Latino voters will demand of you to do the same. Mr. GOP. pull yourself up by your own bootstraps from the Latino voter hole your in, don’t the let the “birds” and “fences”  frenzy kill you. But if you want to remain stock in the hole, go ahead Mr. GOP; keep listening to those self-indulgent “birds” and radio personalities but remember, remember, Latino voters will remember the Summer of 2013.  

Alex Gonzalez  is a political Analyst and Political Director for Latinos Ready To Vote!  He received a Bachelors Degree and a Masters’ Degree, with emphasis in American politics,  from San Francisco State University.
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