Improving Urban Education: Getting Charter Schools Right

By Marcus Winters

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the 100 largest public school districts in the United States, almost all of which are located in cities, enroll about 23 percent of the nation’s students. The wide reach of these urban school systems magnifies the impact of their poor performance. Researcher Christopher Swanson found that the high school graduation rate in the fifty largest cities averaged 51.8 percent. Many students who do manage to graduate from urban schools can neither read nor do math at a basic level.

Reviving America’s cities requires improving urban education. Illiterate, innumerate kids are at high risk of becoming illiterate, innumerate adults who require costly government services. Ensuring future prosperity requires laying a foundation of human capital in the present. No matter how low a city’s crime rate or how beautiful its parks, it will never succeed in reversing the suburban flight of its wealthier residents (i.e. the tax base) without demonstrating significant reform of its education system. read full analysis at the or here>>


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