Jeb Bush discusses the RNC and Other Issues Such as Education, Immigration and his Future

  • Jeb Bush talks about Life issues which according to him are always important. Life issues are is powerful moral issues, people have deeply held beliefs, but it is not going to change the economic climate in our country.

  • 70% of the people are concerned about economic growth, job creation, deficit, debt.
    If 1/3 of our kids are college or career ready, that is a tragedy. There is no federal government program to fill that void. According to Bush, we need an immigration policy that allows people to stay when they get a Phi. Ds  or Masters so that they can become the next generation of entrepreneurs.


  • If you look at the immigrants coming into the country are next zero and it has been that way the last two years. We have to have a better tone we cannot ask people to join your cause and then give a signal that they are really not wanted.

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