Jeb Bush/Richard Fisher on and Immigration and economic realities: We cannot rebuild Houston and CA without Mexican labor

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Holly Kuzmich, Bush Institute Executive Director, moderates as Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida, and Richard Fisher, former President and CEO of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, discuss immigration.

The Reconstruction of Houston and California: You cannot build Houston without Mexican labor, You cannot rebuild those homes in California without Mexican labor. Before the storm there were 587,000 Mexicans in Houston temporarily and perhaps illegally.  We cannot rebuilt Houston and California without Mexican labor.

The estimate is it will take 1000,000 Mexicans to rebuild Houston. There are out southern neighbors and we want a prosperous Mexico. We need immigrant labor, we cannot build without them, they take jobs nobody else wants to take in our country,…we cannot propel our economy without immigration -Richard Fisher


Jeb Bush is the Former Governor of Florida.

Richard Fisher Former President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.


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