Join Latinos Ready To Vote! One of our first goal is to inform and educate Latinos. We seek Conservatives, Republicans, and Conservative Latinos who can make intelligent cohesive arguments that will help to promote and attract people to the issues that are important to the Latino Community.  We will advocate for voter registration, education, immigration, pro-life, Naturalization, and how lack of Entitlements reform affects young Latinos  in the labor force and their educational prospects.

We need strong, intelligent, conservative Latinos who can make a good argument to get us out of this predicament that has afflicted our community and the conservatives, regarding immigration, education, and unemployment. We want to address these issues from a conservative angle, and in a way that will embrace the values of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.  We believe that these are the same sentiments that many Latinos hold steadfast in their conservative lives.  So, we welcome any Latinos, and non Latinos who can make a good argument by writing to promote our issues.  Please join us to help our community and our country.

For more info send us an email to  or visit us on Facebook or twitter or on our website,

Linda Vega


Latinos Ready To Vote!

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