Let the Star Spangled Banner Fly High in Havana

By Alex Gonzalez

american-flag-waving-in-windToday the America Flag is flying in Cuba for the first time in fifty-three years. And this is a positive step towards normalization relations with Cuba.

Suppressing the rights of American Citizens, and businesses, who want to travel to Cuba is not an alternative to topple the Castro Regime, nor should the U.S. Foreign policy be dictate by militant groups in South Florida made of 1960s Cuban immigrants who still think they are parting like it was the 1980s.

LIfe 2x 3The rights of these groups who oppose “normalization” should not be more important than the rights of all Americans who wish to travel to wherever country they choose without fear of being persecuted, or penalized, by their own government when they return. Nor, should Americans be forced to use “third country” – Canada or Mexico – to fly to Cuba when the rest of the world  is already engaged in trade and tourism with Cuba.

So let the American flag fly high in Cuba, and let be a beacon of freedom to all Cubans who want to be free and want capitalism and a more open society. And this a view shared by many conservatives like Rep. Paul Ryan and Rand Paul and the conservative U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, regardless of of political affiliation, about 60 percent of Cubans in Florida, including the majority of millennia Latinos, support normalizing relations with Cuba. Only those older Cubans who came in the 1960s, and have a built monopolies in south Florida with anti-Castro rhetoric, oppose normalizing relation with Cuba.

However, replacing old regimes in Cuba with an old militant hardened regime made out of South Florida Cubans is non-achievable goal.

As a result, this opposition by these older Cubans – with hopes that they can get financial reparation after 50 years – is pure politics that should not trump the rights of all American citizens to travel.

So let the Old Glory fly high in Havana, high enough so all those “dissidents” in South Florida can see a shiny symbol of freedom and what it stands for – freedom and Justice For All, including our own citizens here at home.

Alex Gonzalez  is a political Analyst and Political Director for Latinos Ready To Vote!  He received a Bachelors Degree and a Masters’ Degree, with emphasis in American politics.comments to vote@latinosreadytovote.com @AlexGonzTXCA


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