Linda Vega: If You Want To Take America Back, VOTE‏!

By Linda Vega

Voting is one of the most patriotic duties citizens can exercise as Texans and as Americans.

As a conservative Texan, I encourage all those Texans eligible to vote to do your patriotic duty and vote. I encourage everyone to vote, invite friends to vote, and please makes sure you tell at least 5 friends or family members to register to vote for the election in November.

For so long many citizens have voted only in the General Elections, and only during Presidential elections, thinking that this was the essential vote.

Therefore, if you feel that for the last ten years your views have been left out of the political discourse in Washington D.C., by politicians who feel entitled to their seats in Congress and only care about pushing the agenda of interest groups that fund their campaigns more than protecting the interests of Texas, you need to vote and rebuild America.

If you are a small business owner being harassed by the federal government because politicians have failed to fix our broken immigration system and tax system, VOTE.

If you are a young American and see the government “kicking the can down road” spending your future away and committing “generational theft,” VOTE.

If you are a parent and the government has failed to reform education and failed to give your children opportunities for their future, VOTE.

With your vote, you can silence those politicians in Washington D.C. who have voted away your liberties and opportunities by voting them out of office. These politicians are only interested in pleasing special interest groups, and continue to vote for the same bills that are crippling our liberty and economy.

Whether you are Patriotic Tea party Group, a Patriotic Latino Conservative Group, a Women’s Patriotic Republican Club, a Patriotic Young Republican Club, you have the right to hold any career politician accountable for their voting record and demand that they stop making empty promises of “limited government” when they have voted to grow and fund the biggest expansion of the federal government in the last twelve years.

The power and the will of the people cannot be bought through big corporate donations. The power and the will of the people rests solely in your vote. We The People, can act together with our vote to protect the Constitution and the nation. Texas needs you to vote out those who have betrayed the trust of the people by voting for legislations like the NSA and laws that have grown the National Debt that now is $17 trillion.

The power in this election in November rests with YOU the VOTER.  Act now to save the interest of Texas and change the course of our nation.


Linda Vega is The Founder of Latinos Ready to Vote and a former Candidate for the U.S. Senate.  You can read more on her campaign website

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