Linda Vega: It’s Time To Rebuild America the Texas Way (speech text)‏


By Linda Vega

Rebuild 5This is the full speech addressing the NorthShore Republican Women Club in Montgomery County on 3/2/2015.

My name is Linda Vega and I am a proud Texan and a proud American, just like you. I was raised by the Rio Grande River, and I was raised to love and appreciate my state and to love my neighbors as if they were my own brothers and sisters.  So when I see you all, I see fellow Texans who are my brothers and sisters.

We Texans have a natural tendency to love and respect one another because we are good people by nature and because of our conservative values. History shows that when our nation has asked for our service to defend our Constitution and this great Nation of ours, Texans have responded with valor and determination. All we have asked in return, is that they come back to our families, safe and sound. When their service is no longer required, as in the case with a hero like Chris Kyle, the Texas American Sniper, we ask that we respect them for their service. These heroes, our soldiers, come back to help lead us with the values of: God, Country and family and have given their time and put their life on the line so that we can have our safety.

Texans have always had those values and these same values are what have made Texas strong.

Some will tell you that what makes a country strong are the layers of bureaucracy and levels of services, but that is not true in Texas. In Texas we believe that the strength of Texas, and America, is not due to the size of government, but due to the strength of its people.

Our founding fathers wanted our rights to be protected, and that protection includes having a limited government that will NOT infringe on our rights to bear arms.

Throughout our history as a state, we have demonstrated that we will fight Washington D.C. when our states’ rights have been violated by DC politicians like Barack Obama, and federal agencies like the EPA.

We can be governed, but not threatened to have our rights diminishes, especially when the Founding fathers constructed them to sustain our freedom.

As Texans, we have held similar values, whether you’re male or female, young or old, we are all Texans and we share a common bond that transcends age: the determination and tenacity to fight for freedom. We have brought many Americans to our state, for that same freedom and because of good paying jobs, and a wonderful economy opportunity.

For the last 7 years, with the leadership of Gov. Perry, Texas has created 40 % of all jobs in America. These policies of limited government, low taxes, less regulation and self-reliance has made Texas the economic envy of most states, and the one of the most successful “RED” states in the nation.

Our hard work has made Texas the economic engine of America, and we are proud of it. But this economic success comes with new challenges, in education and with an aging population.

Texas will always reaffirm its right to self-determination and freedom from the federal government and progressive policies that make people addicted to government programs.

But within our own state we need to ensure that Texas remains a beacon of freedom and opportunity for future Texans. Right now we rank 2nd, nationally in High School graduation, just behind Iowa. This success in education, has benefited all ethnic groups in Texas. Additionally, also our conservative policies as a RED state have made it possible for more people to attend college.

However, our college graduation records show that, though we have made it possible for to people to attend college, most students entering public universities and community colleges do not have the skills to do so. They spend their first 2 years taking remedial courses that they should have taken in high school.

Currently, we do not have a large amount of young people, entering or graduating from college, with the right skills to meet the demand of our growing economy and population.

Educating young Texans is important to keep our economic edge against other states and especially other nations. Our demographics show that in the next 30 years, Texas will double its senior population. Furthermore, our great strides in the medical arena have us living longer, but caring for this aging population also costs money. Therefore, an educated population will be essential to provide services for seniors who will retire in the next 20-30 years. As our economy grows and diversifies, we need to have a labor pool of young educated Texans who will complement the needs of older Texans.

Education is also tied to freedom. When we have an educated population it means a population that is less dependent on government and more prone to create businesses.

They used to say that behind a successful man is a strong woman. These days, what is behind a successful woman is her own shadow. In the last two decades, women have created more businesses on their own, are heading more companies, and are running for office more than ever before. Women are taking the lead because it is essential that we all participate in the economy, creating policies in the Government that affect us, in addition to taking leadership roles in the country that keeps us free.

So we all Texans, male or female, young and old, have a vested interest in keeping our freedom and limited government.  In order to Rebuild America, we must all work together to keep Texas as the economic engine of America.

I too, am skeptical of those D.C. politicians in Congress who come to Texas and make empty promises, and as soon as they go back to DC, they have secret meetings with interest groups who do not have an economic interests in Texas. So we Texans need to do what we do best, and that is: act as Texans and protect our freedom. Texans do not rely on Washington, DC to protect the future of our great state of Texas. This is our job and we do it well.

Thank you and God Bless Texas

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