Linda Vega: The Creation of a new GOP: FrankenTRUMP

logoBy Linda Vega

Politics, in America, have changed and are now deciding how a SUPER POWER, our country, will be led by an unknown, self-proclaimed demagogue contender who champions himself as the one who will make “American Great Again.” In 2008, we heard similar rhetoric from a candidate who promised us hope and change and look what that has brought us. A divisive country.

Perhaps it was the empty promises that the “Hope and Change” candidate whispered to us, the ones who were so tired of the Washington, D.C machine that kept up all on the same beaten path of conformity, just wait your turn politics. Similar to what Trump is promising, make America great again, because our country’s history these past 8 years have been just horrible, except for those who made a fortune supplying support for the D.C. politicians and those who could play the money game, like Donald Trump. And while being a negotiator, is much like being a con-artist a poker player if you will, in that you never show your hand until you are ready to walk away with a sizable game, we must remember this: America is not a gambling chip. It is not an asset to be put up, to make money, and we must not believe it for a moment. America needs rebuilding, why? Simple: our demographics our changing. Our education is changing because of technology. Our world is changing because of the speed of communication and we cannot make something “Great Again,” we need to rebuild it to make it better.

FrankenTRUMP is a creation that we caused out of desperation. Donald Trump tackles all of those things that frighten us, terrorism, being called names, being less than great, being from another country, being afraid. Trump tells us that America is wonderful and we should bring it to its glorious state, and then he takes a stick and beats those who threaten him. At the same time, he calls us names. Much like an abusive relationship. Trump embodies all of those things we want to say, but fear because our moral compass somewhere inside tells us that it is wrong. And for those of us, who still believe in a divine presence, we understand that hating and hate rhetoric is not the answer to rebuild anything let alone make something “great again.”

FrankenTRUMP is our creation, nevertheless. Trump is abrasive, ill mannered, bullying, angry, often times bigoted, and gives the appearance of success. And voters simply love him because he is the reflection of them, the supporters. Each one embodies some or all of those traits of FrankenTRUMP and that is why he is acceptable with all of his failed business, failed marriages, failed ideas, outlandish behavior—–he is America that has lost its way and is seeking to be “great again.” But there is a danger in wanting to go back to something, it’s never the same and can often times be toxic because we have advanced and cannot recapture or change the past. Once we realize this, I think we will awaken from this desperate swirl of decline and think, I’m not certain that this was the best option, much as America felt after the 2008 presidential election. And if anyone believes that Sen. Cruz is not part of the D.C. political game, they are wrong. He is as much to blame for the FrankenTRUMP creation as the rest of us.

Political parties should not be created out of fear, however, and perhaps this is where America is about to become a Divided State of America, DSA not the USA. The commonality we should have is our Constitution and all that is represents to us, Freedom of speech, religion, right to bear arms, right to have states rule their affairs, and for citizens to have Due Process.

Political parties are not meant to be subjective to every single individual and their desires, rather political parties must represent cohesive ideas that are structured out of a similar desire, to be free from government intrusion; to be free from fear; to be free from injustice. Our political atmosphere has diverted from these concepts for the moment. And this fearful atmosphere sends a chill through us and has given rise to a new political party that we must all fear: FrankenTRUMP.

1460942_465226313586055_147274488_n_1_d44e09Linda Vega is The Founder of Latinos Ready to Vote and a former Candidate for the U.S. Senate from Texas.




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