LRTV Primary Recommendations: George P. Bush for Land Commissioner

LRTV is a conservative Latino organization, and advocacy group. Our goal is to link Republicans and Latinos, in Texas, so that they can work together so as to create a robust Republican Party.

LRTV endorsements for the Republican Primaries in 2014 include only selected candidates in statewide Texas races. These candidates offer a message that is consistent with the philosophy of the Republican Party, that is to expand the involvement of the conservative message with Latinos. The criteria for our recommendations is based entirely on how candidates are addressing issues important to Latinos such as Education, jobs and Immigration.


George P. Bush for Land Commissioner: The Office of Land Commissioner oversees Texas’ oil-rich 13 million acres of state-owned land. George P. Bush is the only Republican Candidate who has used his campaign to address the issues related to the Land Commissioner post in Texas, and is therefore, the only credible conservative Republican candidate in this race.

Conversely, Texas businessman David Watts has used his campaign to capitalize on the unrealistic frenzy of illegal immigration, an issue that has very little to do with the Land Commissioner post, and resonates more with radio host advertisements. While it is important to note Mr. Watts has the constitutional right under freedom of speech to use his campaign to espouse whatever he deems essential for his followers, it is clear that is he not connecting with the duties of Land Commissioner. Moreover, the post of Land Commissioner is too important to be delegated to someone who opts to talk about the latest fad, rather than the duties of his political race: jobs, the use of state-owned Land and its natural resources, and free trade to further create more jobs in the state. The candidates in this race are like night and day when it comes to understanding the obligations of Land Commissioner and what they entail.

Unlike Mr. Watts who wants to capitalize on unsubstantiated claims on immigration, George P, Bush wants to foment a conservative job-creation agenda by focusing on working with Mexico on energy transportation under the NAFTA. This conservative free trade platform will create more jobs in rural areas of the state and the Mid Land-Odessa area where shale exploration is causing a new drive for energy and housing.

George P. Bush is also working with veterans, who after returning from deployment, are facing unemployment and high suicide rates. As a veteran himself, P. Bush understands the plight of the men and women in uniform and brings a better understanding to such important issues facing veterans.

On education, George P. Bush promotes an agenda that is consistent with the idea that a well educated labor pool, for young Texans, is key to the demand of the rapid manufacturing industries that are relocating to Texas, seeking low taxes and less regulations. And while it is true that a four-year college opportunity should be open to any student wishing to attend such an institutions, a more realistic approach is that the state also needs millions of vocational careers. This is the accurate and logical message that P. Bush is promoting, which is also resonating with the young crowds.

“Every kid can go to a four-year university,” Bush said, adding that the state should ease the pipeline for students with vocational or technical training looking to fill jobs in science and engineering fields.”

In addition, he believes in providing standards in public education and giving parents and students more choices between public schools and charter schools.

And while many see a competition between Republicans, Tea Party, and conservative Latinos, P. Bush has found an amicable approach to this situation, by embracing his tea party conservative rhetoric while also  embracing his Hispanic background, under a  “mainstream conservative stand that appeals to all Republicans.” Even with his emphasis on the Tea Party-style political confrontation, George P. has occasionally spoken on the campaign trail about the need for Republicans to emphasis working with Hispanics.

George P. Bush openly asks Republican candidates and the RPT apparatus to “show up” in Hispanic communities, and to speak about conservative values that resonate with the burgeoning Hispanic population in Texans. More importantly, he is not afraid to state that Republicans need to “denounce” some of the ignorant statements that are being made about Hispanics.

These are the leadership skills that make P. Bush  one the best candidates to lead the Republican Party in Texas at present and well into the future.

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