LRTV Primary Recommendations: Greg Abbott for Governor

LRTV is a conservative Latino organization, and advocacy group. Our goal is to link Republicans and Latinos, in Texas, so that they can work together so as to create a robust Republican Party.

LRTV endorsements for the Republican Primaries in 2014 include only selected candidates in statewide Texas races. These candidates offer a message that is consistent with the philosophy of the Republican Party, that is to expand the involvement of the conservative message with Latinos. The criteria for our recommendations is based entirely on how candidates are addressing issues important to Latinos such as Education, jobs and Immigration.

Greg Abbott for Governor: Attorney General Greg Abbott has demonstrated a sincere interest in reaching out to Hispanic voters, while finding a balance between the tea party “hardline” and pragmatic “tone” on immigration. Furthermore, Mr. Abbott has made Education as one of his main campaign priorities, and that is worth noting as Education is an important issue for Latinos and the state of Texas in general.

In the past, Texas Republican governors like George W. Bush, and later Rick Perry, would travel to Mexico to seek building stronger conservative free trade partnerships, and cultural exchanges, between Texas and Mexico to accelerate the integration of Mexican-Americas into GOP. Latinos in Texas can be hopeful that Mr. Abbott will rekindle this conservative free trade mantra since almost 40% of Texas’ exports go to Mexico and 44% of all NAFTA comes through Texas generating millions of jobs for Texas. He is realistic on what makes up the robust economy in Texas, and that includes trade with countries south of the border. Recently, Mexico stated that they will be opening up its oil and natural gas and shale exploration to foreign firms, and potentially adding thousands of more Jobs for Texans.

Finally,  it will be the responsibility of Mr. Abbott to steer the direction of Party back to its core free trade and reform-minded conservatism  promoting opportunity and economic growth with Mexico in the next four years, just in time, when Latinos are expected to reach voter “maturity” in the next two presidential cycles.  As the Lt. Gov. race has turned into bareknuckle fight on immigration, tarnishing the image of the Party with Latinos, as all four of the  conservative candidates favor “sealing the border with Mexico” Greg Abbott will have an opportunity to ward off this negative image by acting as a Republican leader, as previously  done  by Gov. Perry and Gov. W. Bush, and veer the Party back to its free trade conservative mantra.

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