LRTV Primary Recommendations: Jerry Patterson for Lt. Governor

LRTV is a conservative Latino organization, and advocacy group. Our goal is to link Republicans and Latinos, in Texas, so that they can work together so as to create a robust Republican Party.

LRTV endorsements for the Republican Primaries in 2014 include only selected candidates in statewide Texas races. These candidates offer a message that is consistent with the philosophy of the Republican Party, that is to expand the involvement of the conservative message with Latinos. The criteria for our recommendations is based entirely on how candidates are addressing issues important to Latinos such as Education, jobs and Immigration.

Jerry Patterson for Lt. Governor: While the race for Lt. Governor in Texas has turned into a “bomb throwing” bareknuckle fight about who is the toughest on illegal immigration and most pro-life, this political race rests on the obvious:  Who is the Best Candidate for Texas.

Jerry Patterson is the only candidate, of the four, who has articulated his conservative agenda regarding States’ Rights, Individuals rights, protecting the life of the “unborn“, property taxes, and the clear separation of Church and State. The other candidates still struggle to define where they stand on these issues, and have instead engaged in abstract dogmatic views that have very little relation to conservative policies and the post for Lt. Governor.

During the Texas Republican Convention in Forth Worth in 2012, Patterson was in the front defending the need to change the by laws of the party to a modern version of immigration law in Texas. It concentrated on an economic necessity, which will help the nature of conducting business in Texas in the years to come.

Additionally, Commissioner Patterson has a  solid record on the 2nd Amendment in comparison to the other candidates.   And he is the only candidate who has articulated the need  to woo Latino voters into the Republican Party.  More importantly, he has proposed a realistic plan for immigration reform that reflects the needs of the Texas economy and labor pool as it seeks to double in population in the next few years.

It is this articulated conservative policy savvy-ness on States’ Rights, 2nd Amendment, Individual Rights, and the need to include Tejanos as the next generation of Republicans in Texas, that makes Comm. Patterson the best candidate to assist Greg Abbott (as Governor of Texas) in developing a new Republican Party that is based on free trade, economic growth guided by an effective but limited government, while protecting constitutional rights.  Patterson recognizes that these principles are necessary as we approach a shift in the demographics and economic system  in Texas.

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