LRTV Primary Recommendations: Linda Vega for the U.S. Senate

LRTV is a conservative Latino organization, and advocacy group. Our goal is to link Republicans and Latinos, in Texas, so that they can work together so as to create a robust Republican Party.

LRTV endorsements for the Republican Primaries in 2014 include only selected candidates in statewide Texas races. These candidates offer a message that is consistent with the philosophy of the Republican Party, that is to expand the involvement of the conservative message with Latinos. The criteria for our recommendations is based entirely on how candidates are addressing issues important to Latinos such as Education, jobs and Immigration.

Linda Vega for the U.S. Senate: While Linda Vega, an attorney and Founder of LRTV, has no previous experience as an elected official, she is still a better choice than re-electing Sen. Cornyn.

Sen. Cornyn has a record of voting for major bills in the U.S. Senate that have placed our nation in a disastrous National Debt. He has voted to increase the Debt Ceiling nine times, including the vote on Wednesday to kill the filibuster. He has voted for to expand the NSA amendments that allow the Federal Government to spy on Americans under FISA and the Patriot Act legislation. Cornyn has opposed Republican Immigration bills under President  W. Bush in 2006, and 2007, and in 2013 under Sen. Rubio (R-FL) and 3 other Republican senators. Instead of solving the immigration issue, he has used it for campaign purposes.

So while is true that Sen. Corny has a record as the “2nd most conservative Senator,” this ranking is based on opposition votes, and amendments he has filed that have no possibility of  getting co-sponsors or the 60 votes to pass in the Senate Floor. Consequently, there is nothing in Sen. Cornyn’s record that suggests that if he is re-elected, things will improve for Latinos, women, young Texans, or Texans who fear government encroachment on their privacy rights.

When Texas boasts its success, Ms. Vega is an example of that success. She was born, raised, and educated in Texas.  She is a business owner and has experience in business, law, and international relations. As a mother, she also understands the importance of education among our young adults, and the upcoming impact that our lack of educational standards can have to a competitive job market and the economy if not enough resources are dedicated to this area.

Texas is still a Republican state. The turnout among Republicans since 2004, has  remained at stagnant 4.5 million since 2004 and for Presidential elections. Whereas, the Democrat turnout is still at 3.5 million. This could change if Republicans do not reach out to Latinos in the coming years, when Latinos are expected to reach voter “maturity” in the next two presidential cycles.

Ms. Vega, will not only bring a fresh image to a U.S. Senate that has a negative image as the “do-nothing Congress,” but she will be the new face of the Republican Party in a state where women had a 59.5% turnout in 2012 and where women were 55.25% of the total state vote.

A candidate like Ms. Vega, a Conservative Latina who is educated and deeply committed to Texas is an outstanding candidate for the Republican Party to boast in Washington, D.C. as a leader within the Latino Community and in Texas.  Ms. Vega  is the future image of the Republican Party that could help Texas stay RED, even after Latinos become the majority of the electorate in state as the recent Gallup polls show.

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