National Survey: Who Can Defeat The Democrats With The Latino Vote, Jeb Bush Or Marco Rubio?

National Survey:  Who Can Court Latinos To Win The Presidency,  Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio? Which GOP Presidential Candidate Can Defeat A Democrat Candidate In The Southwest And Texas In 2016, Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio?  If You Live In The South West And Texas:  Who Would You Vote In The 2016 Primaries To Defeat The Democrats By Courting The Latino Vote?

That will be the topic or our survey next week.  

Most surveys are done with 500 respondents.  National polls are done with only 2000-1500 survey responders from different areas of the country, from which pollsters conclude and apply the results for the rest of the country.     We will be releasing the results the following week.

We have 700 registered email  members through Texas  and the Southwest—and that includes about 300 GOP precincts In Texas alone — that  can  equally  resembled  the 1500-2000 respondents nationally.  Additionally, we have  2800  “friends” on Facebook  for Linda,  and 531 and Twitter followers.  While     ( Alex Gonzalez) has 900 Facebook  followers, and the LRTV! page has 270 Facebook followers and our group on Facebook has about 800 followers.  As a result, we can think we can get pulse on who can beat the Democrat candidate in the southwest. Thus,our 3-question survey could  litmus test for how the entire southwest and Texas  view certain issue or a candidate.  We will be releasing the results the following week.

Please read Sen. Rubio’s plan an immigration and Jeb Bush’s plan a immigration since this has been the most contentious issue between the GOP and Latinos in the Southwest and Texas.  Or a summaryof both plans here>>

We need to be very Proactive and not wait for news about Latinos. We believe in making the news.  The sooner we know who can defeat Obama among Latinos, the stronger our Republican Candidate will be in 2016.

In other words, based on our own members we can empirically estimate how people will vote.  We have done in the past

If you want to be part of the survey, register or send us on email to  to add you to the list so you can be counted.

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