New Texas Poll Graphs: Borders Security and Healthcare

Immigration and border security have displaced education as the top issue facing the state, according to the eighth annual Texas Lyceum Poll. Below are all the graphs from the new Lyceum Poll and you can read the full poll in its entirety at the bottom.

New Poll shows that 31 percent of adults said immigration or border security is the most important issue, compared with 11 percent who said education. Eight percent cited either jobs and unemployment or the economy. However, when the Polls is broken down into party ideology and ethnicity, there is a big gap between “Anglos” and Hispanics on the issue of immigration and education. For examples, and as similar polls from the Pew Research Center and Gallup showed last week, the issue of “unaccompanied minors” from Central America has created a bigger divide on how immigration is perceived across racial/ethnic lines in Texas.

The poll shows that, Among Democrats, 64 percent want the children to be allowed to stay, while 73 percent of Republicans favored returning them to their country as soon as possible. Among whites, 62 percent said the children should be returned to their home country, compared with only 28 percent who would allow them to stay. Among Hispanics, though, 58 percent supported letting them stay in the U.S.

PollPoll 2Poll 3Poll 4Poll 5Poll 6Poll 8

You can read the full report below:

Texas 2014 Poll FINAL by Latinos Ready To Vote

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