Only 392,000 Latinos Voted Republican in Texas?

By Alex Gonzalez

Texas was the only state where Exit Polls were not collected in 2012. As a result,  pollsters, both liberals and conservatives, offered their own interpretation of what the Latino vote was in Texas based on their own phone surveys/polls, either before or after the Election.   Liberal pollsters suggested the Latino Vote for Republicans was as low as 25% while conservative pollsters argued that it was more about 35%. In May, 2013, the US Census released its official voter turnout with Texas showing a total of Latino votes at 1,890,000.  Using the Census numbers, this graph shows each of the three scenarios by subtracting the percentages from the Census numbers and calculating the total of Latino votes for the GOP in Texas. At 25%, only 392,000 of Latino Voters would have voted Republican. At 35%,  661,000 Latinos voted Republican.  

So the question is then should the Republican Party in Texas sound the siren alarm, or should the RPT just ignore it since it reinforces the argument that Latinos will vote Democrat?    

See More graphs about the Latino Vote here by state and nationally 

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