Open Letter: Texas Cannot Afford two ‘NO’ votes in the U.S. Senate Bill on Immigration.

Open Letter: Texas Cannot Afford two ‘NO’ votes in the U.S. Senate Bill on Immigration.

To the Honorable U.S. Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz: 

How our two Texas Senators vote on the Immigration Bill S.744 will determine what type of relationship the Texas Republican Party can foment within Latino Communities in Texas.  For the first time in twenty years, future elections in the state will be based on a generational vote related to this bill, which will have major implications.  All polls clearly indicate that 90%of Latino voters want an immigration reform that is fair, secures our border, and reflects our traditional values as a nation of immigrants, and as nation that cherishes Free Enterprise and limited government. Consequently, Texas Republicans have a lot to lose, or win, with this vote.

First, the Amendments proposed by Sen. Senator Cruz in the Senate judiciary to further enlarge government –tripling the size of border patrol, more drones, helicopters and militarization of the border–present serious Constitutional violations to homeowners, ranchers in South Texas; this Amendment could affect the property rights for many Texans  and all border communities who would have to relinquish land and properties to the Department of Homeland Security and the Obama Administration to build fences by tripling the size of the border patrol, the military and drones.  This not only interferes with our freedoms, it interferes with our Property Rights in Texas.  Land that has been in families through generations runs the risk of being confiscated, by Imminent Domain, by the federal government; which means that the size of Texas will minimize as will our Rights.

Second, the proposed Amendments by Sen. Cruz to militarize Texas-Mexico border may hamper further trade relations between Texas and Mexico, at a time when Mexico is becoming a middle-class nation and the Texas economy depends more on trade with Mexico.  For example, for the last five years Mexico has had a consistent 5% of GDP growth  while Texas has increased its exports to Mexico by 100% since 2004. Texas is now responsible for about 44 percent of U.S. exports to Mexico. Also, currently, 60% of all NAFTA trade –about $300 billion–comes through Texas, thereby creating jobs and industries entirely dependents on the Texas-Mexico trade relation and an effective management of the flow of goods across the border.   All of which will hampered by a tripling of the border patrol militarization of the border.

Third, our own estimations suggest that by 2016, the Voting Age Populating of Latinos in Texas will be about 6 million, while the number of Republican turnout will remain stagnant at only 4.5 million.  As a result, the survival of the Republican, and therefore the ability of the Republicans to win the White House, rests in capacity of TRP to attract new voters that ultimately will have to come from Latino communities. As a Result, a NO vote in the Senate on Immigration Bill S.744 can have larger generational implications that the RPT cannot afford.

Consequently, if Senators Cruz and Cornyn vote NO on this bill, it will be a serious setback for the Republican Party because in the next ten years 50% of the Texas Population will be of Mexican-American decent. This will be a generational vote, and therefore a NO vote will have major implications for the GOP in Texas for years to come. Hence, The Texas Republican Party (RPT) cannot afford two NO votes in the U.S. Senate because it will be difficult for Republican candidates to venture into Latino communities after our two Republican senators  have voted against a reasonable Immigration Bill.

We urge Sen. Cruz to follow the lead of Sen. Cornyn who has proposed a stronger border security Amendments to make sure that all the mechanisms in the Senate Bill S.744 have ’triggers’  to guarantee  that all the objectives of border security will be achieved before any aliens can apply for Permanent  Residency (green cards). But as he acknowledge, such ‘trigger’ should not hinder the flow of trade between Texas and Mexico, who is our third largest trade partner. In addition we urge Sen. Cruz to support Sen. Cornyn who added an amendment to take $1 billion to be used on the discretion of border communities where fencing is not needed and where technology will be more appropriate.

The outcry of Amnesty in the bill is a red herring for many who cannot fathom the economic detriment that voting No to this bill has on the economy of Texas.

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