Paul Ryan’s Pledge not to Bring Immigration Bill to the Floor

By Alex Gonzalez

paul-ryan-immigration-reformPaul Ryan. incoming Speaker, pledged that he will not bring up immigration legislation through at least 2016; and that he would do so only be if it had the support of a majority of Republicans.

Paul Ryan Immigration Commitments Letter

The pledge aims to head off criticism from immigration hardliners in the House Republican caucus and the Freemon Caucus.

This pledge will surely encourage opposition from hard-liners and Tea Party members who will use this letter as a pretext to reject any future compromise on immigration and will most likely result in unrealistic enforcement demands by groups like Heritage Action, Tea Party groups and talk radio hosts.

Furthermore, though unbinding, this pledge will serve as vehicle to push the immigration debate farther to the right in conservative circles and Republican presidential politics, while Hillary Clinton is already promising  that if Congress fails to pass an a comprehensive immigration bill, as Presidente, she will expand Obama’s executive order known as DAPA/DACA if SCOTUS rules that Obama’s “executive order” is constitutional.

Paul Ryan is a pragmatist who believes in comprehensive immigration bill. Thus, this pledge is a token to appease the hardliners.  Moreover, this pledge was unnecessary since the Senate Judiciary Committee has no plans to table any immigration bills.

Nevertheless, the pledge itself is just more red meat that will be seeing as a victory, and therefore encouragement, for immigration obstructionists in the House Judiciary Committee chaired by Bob Goodlatte, and possibly in the U.S. Senate chaired Sen. Chuck Grassley. As a result, using the pledge as an excuse, neither the Republican majority in the  House or the Senate will see a reason to table any immigration bills in 2016 and possibly in 2017, which will lead to  more executive actions by Democrats if they take the Senate back and win the White House.

Alex Gonzalez  is a political Analyst and Political Director for Latinos Ready To Vote. comments: or  @AlexGonzTXCA

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