RPT bylaws Reform is Good News For GOP Hispanic Groups and Candidates in TX


By Alex Gonzalez

As I work on a long essay on the alleged “mechanics” by the Republican National Committee (RNC) set in place in Hispanic communities in Texas and how they apply to Hispanic GOP groups, I came across this new development. The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) now will allow Hispanic “Auxiliary” groups to endorse candidates in the primaries.   

 According to RPT official  website, the State Republican Executive Committee passed this reforms:

Two bylaws changes were voted on including amendments to section 8 of the RPT bylaws that clarify that “Auxiliary organizations are not prohibited from endorsing Republican candidates in a primary election if in agreement with the bylaws of the auxiliary organization.” 

This is a positive development for Hispanic GOP groups since there are some structural impediments within the Republican Party of Texas that need to be updated to allow more Latinos to gain access the Party apparatus, or machinery.

I personally saw this structural problem when I was helping a candidate running in a statewide race and we reached out to these groups but they stated that “bylaws prohibited them” from endorsing candidates in the primaries.  

These Party by-laws are detrimental to Hispanic GOP groups because they prohibit Hispanic organizations from supporting Hispanic candidates seeking their support in the primaries, where the selection of candidates actually happens in GOP primaries and where support from few can amount to a lot since a vote in the primaries is 5-times greater than in the general election.  As a result, the bylaws of the Party is the first impediment since they  bar any Republican “auxiliaries” Hispanic Organization  from endorsing Republican candidates in the primaries, even Hispanic ones who may come from same county or community.

Moreover, Hispanic candidate often have to overcome a cultural “built-in bias” in the primaries, but under the current bylaws they cannot even get support or endorsements from the “auxiliaries” Hispanic Republican groups. Consequently, these Hispanic Republican groups are often powerless, due to cumbersome Party by-laws; nor these organizations have funds to build a voter bloc base for the Hispanic candidates wanting to run in statewide races and have a realistic chance to win the primaries. Therefore, these new changes in Party bylaws are very positive development for Hispanic GOP groups and candidates.  

Alex Gonzalez  is a political Analyst and Political Director for Latinos Ready To Vote!  He received a Bachelors Degree and a Masters’ Degree, with emphasis in American politics,  from San Francisco State University.
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