SCOTUS Ruling On DOMA Shows Why Conservatives Need Latinos More Than Ever

 By Alex Gonzalez

Yesterday’s event in the Texas legislature Sen. Wendy Davis staged an eleventh-hour filibuster against a pro-life legislation, and thereby, successfully defeating Bill SB5. Today’s ruling by SCOTUS declaring DOMA unconstitutional, and allowing same-sex marriage to resume in California, should be a reminder to Christian conservatives and Tea Party groups opposing the Immigration Bill that you cannot take back the social conservative mantra nationally and in Congress if you keep ostracizing Latino voters with harsh rhetoric on immigration. Without Latino support, you cannot win the majority in the U.S. Senate, Without Latino voters you cannot win the white House, and therefore, you cannot appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court.  

Two weeks ago, House of Representative passed a law to extend protection to the “unborn.” The Republican-led House voted to impose the strictest new limits on abortion in a decade, the bill, which would ban abortion after a fetus is 20 weeks old, a ban on most after 20 weeks of pregnancy and stricter standards for abortion clinics. But this bill is meaningless since the Senate will not take it into consideration.  The bill passed by the House is similar to Texas Bill SB5

Moreover, as the WSJ argues:

Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decisions established that states can’t ban abortions carried out before a fetus is able to survive outside the womb, which generally is considered to occur between 22 weeks and 24 weeks after fertilization.  

Therefore, conservative cannot change federal laws with only a majority in the House. Conservative need a majority in the Senate and the White House and Supreme Court justices that will want to overturn Roe v. Wade and pass a law expanding on what marriage means. What SCOTUS ruled today only argues that states cannot ban gay marriage.But they can only gain this majority by bringing in Latino voters.

However, Latinos voter are very disillusioned  with conservatives due to the “tone” used   on Immigration debate. The “tone” keeps pushing Latino away, even if they are pro-life and oppose same-sex marriage.  Here is Rev. Sam Rodriguez during the Freedom and Faith Coalition Conference  on why Latinos are the saviors of the Republican Party.

Thus, every time conservatives ask their representative or Senators in Congress to vote NO on immigration, they are in fact voting for a continuation of democrat majority in the Senate, and a democrat  in the White House who appoints liberal Supreme Court justices.  

So if you were thinking about calling your Senator and representative to ask them to vote NO on Immigration, this is good time for you to ask them vote Yes.  

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