Solutions for America: The Entitlement Crisis


“Entitlements—Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid—threaten to bankrupt the nation. The unsustainable tsunami of spending on these programs will accelerate as 77 million baby boomers flood into them. Unlike other parts of the federal budget, such as defense or most education programs, Congress does not review and approve the level of funding for these programs annually or…ever. Rather, their expansion is on autopilot, fueled by demographic changes and rapidly rising health care costs. We are reaching a budgetary tipping point as entitlement spending’s automatic “first call” crowds out other national priorities. Recent studies show that America’s long-term fiscal situation is one of the world’s worst, which makes reforms even more urgent if we are to avoid the fate of Greece or even Britain. But entitlements are also a moral challenge. It is simply wrong to make unsustainable promises to today’s adults by shackling our children and grandchildren with crippling debt or heavy taxes. you can read the full analysis at here>>











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