Survey Results: Most Texans Still Oppose ObamaCare.

Today Gov. Rick Perry and Senators Cruz and  Cornyn joined forces in Austin to show their opposition To ObamaCare. A month ago we took a survey that showed most Texans still oppose ObamaCare.

The survey was sent to 1600 email registered members. There were 678 respondents to the survey.
The questions were the following: With the current surplus of $20 billion for the biennial state budget, the Implementation of ObamaCare, and Gun Control Legislation in Congress, what  are the issues that you think the Texas Legislature should be tackling this Session?

1.  Tax Relief for Property Owners.

2.  Education

3. Immigration

4. Nullify ObamaCare

5.  Protect Gun Rights

6. Other ( County Tax Collector, Government Debt, Economic Growth )

Thank you. Your email is confidential and will be used for research purposes only. Thank you for taking the time to read and answer the survey. 

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