Survey Results: Texas Senate Race and Issues in 2014

The Survey was conducted on our website and email subscriber list. 80% of those who took the survey were residents of Texas.
While there is ample room for interpretation, Republicans and “conservatives” in the state are not yet 100% sold on re-electing Sen. Cornyn to a third term.

It appears that the for the Texas primaries, Republicans will be split between Tea Partiers and Establishment Republicans.

Top issues in Texas will be Obamacare and Immigration/Border Security. There is ample data supporting this argument since the anti-Obama messages are very strong among Republican activists who see immigration reform as an Obama agenda; and that trend was exacerbated when Sen. Cornyn  and Ted Cruz voted against the Bill in the Senate.  See graph 6 bellow .

Only 19% of those who completed the survey self-identified as Latinos. And only 5% of respondents were between the ages of 18 to 29 while almost 50% were 65 and older.  This is a well known fact that there is a deficit in GOP with  young voters.

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