Survey Results: Who Will You Vote For in The Republican Primary in Texas?

The LRTV 5-questions online survey was completed by 517 registered voters and it was conducted between Nov 4-10. The results are among self-identified Republican primary voters in Texas

Who Will You Vote For in The Republican Primary in Texas?

What was supposed to be an easy re-election for John Cornryn could become a real open race. Sen. Cornyn barely holds on to the high 30s in this poll;  but this poll mirrors two previous ones from last week by the Texas Tribune and Public Policy Polling Center showing that only around 40% of Republican primary voters in Texas said they will vote to re-elect Cornyn. As a result, if the 25% of undecided voters go to either Linda Vega or Dwayne Stovall, and Cornyn’s favorability does not improve, the race for the U.S. Senate in Texas will become a real competitive race.  


Unlike Cornyn who gets only about 40% of support among primary voters, the Republican primary will be a coronation for Attorney General Greg Abbott. Abbott gets an overwhelming 78% while his closest opponent Tom Paukens gets below 10%.


In previous polls we have taken Jerry Paterson had maintained a good lead over his opponents, but now it appears the Todd Staples is gaining support while Dan Patrick is still the candidate getting a dismal support among primary voters for the Lt. Governor job.   




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