Texas Democrats are dreaming


This is in response to an op-ed by Eva Longoria  and By Gilberto Hinojosa

Eva Longoria and anyone else who thinks that Texas will be a swing state in four years needs to wake up and stop dreaming.

Election after election we hear, “Just wait until next time and the Latino vote will surge us back in to power”. This fantasy is based partly on racism, partly on desperation and partly from a true disconnect with Texas and her values.

The left in Texas thinks of Hispanics as a monolithic group of folks who vote based solely on the color of their skin. Every Hispanic is the same to them regardless of their background, values, economic status or employment history.

Unlike most of the country, Hispanics are assimilated into every socio-economic class in Texas. Hispanics have been part of Texas since before Texas was Texas. They are not a separate class of citizens and there is no limit to upward mobility for Hispanics in today’s Texas. More and more Hispanics are voting and more and more they are voting their values and not their ethnicity.

Many Republicans in Texas receive nearly 40 percent of the Hispanic vote. There are Republican Hispanic office holders up and down the ballot. And the Republican Party continues to reach out to Hispanics, not based on race, but based on the shared values of faith, family, freedom and sacrifice.

It is clear that Democrats in Texas are desperate. They haven’t won a statewide election in nearly twenty years and their time out of office has seen the Texas economy become the envy of the nation. Under Republican leadership and through conservative values Texas has become a job creating machine while the rest of the country has struggled to stay afloat. While many large states have seen their populations shrink or stagnate, Texas has grown and now nearly 1,000 people a day become Texans.

The Texas Democrat party has become a joke. They have not offered a competitive slate of candidates in almost two decades. The harsh radical left has taken over every position in the party apparatus. Their desperation reeks of a lost cause in which the clueless lead the few idealists and elitists that still gather under their tattered banner.

Their agenda is so out of touch with the mainstream values of today’s Texas that they have zero chance of becoming competitive. Their only desperate ploy to stay relevant is the myth that “next cycle the Hispanic voters will save us.” They spread this myth to keep the wallets of the trial lawyers open and give their celebrity cheerleaders something to say.

The reality is that Texas Hispanics strongly believe in faith, family, hard work and that their economic future is bright. None of the prescriptions offered by the left today address those aspirations.

It is true that millions of Hispanics don’t vote, just as it is true that millions of evangelicals don’t vote. People don’t vote for a myriad of reasons, most often because the candidates and political parties have nothing to say. If the Texas Democrats continue to offer more of the same and judging from there tone there is no reason to think they won’t, they will see the same results.

The true sleeping giant in Texas politics is what will happen when traditional Hispanic voters realize that the Democratic Party has left them behind. That it is no longer the party of Lyndon Johnson and is now the party of the radical left.

GOP candidates must continue to fight for the votes of Hispanics and offer an agenda that speaks to their values. The fight must continue. Taking any group of voters for granted is a costly miscalculation.

Hope and Change was not a very successful governing model and Hope and Pray is not a very good campaign strategy. Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa and actress Longoria can hope and pray for more Hispanics to vote, but at some point they may regret what they wished for.

This op-es is from Politico. David M. Carney is CEO of Norway Hill Associates and a former White House political director for President George H.W. Bush and has been involved in dozens of Texas campaigns.

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