Texas GOP Approves New Immigration Platform

By Rep. Raul Torres

Last week at the state GOP convention in Fort Worth, delegates adopted a party platform, after a very heated debate on the Convention floor, calling for a “Texas solution” for immigration reform, which includes a secure border, alternatives to mass deportations and a national guest-worker program. This change in the GOP Platform follows a more moderate approach towards providing a basis for solving the immigration issue at the national level.

Both George P. Bush, son of Governor Jeb Bush, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio have for months urged the GOP to take a more moderate approach towards finding a solution on a national level.

With over 67% of the delegates voting in favor of this new position on immigration party leaders have hailed this new platform as evidence that Republicans are moving towards the right side of this issue.

Brad Bailey, a member of the party’s immigration committee and co-author of the party platform measure, said the final version doesn’t reflect total unity, but rather a compromise. “It’s a baby step,” he said.   Artemio Munoz of the Federation of Hispanic Republicans said, “This is huge – history in the making, it moves beyond rhetoric to a proposed solution.”

Close examination of the new platform language reveals a totally different tone as compared to the language found in the  2010 Republican Party Platform. Even though I personally do not support item number 3 in the new language, I do realize that this new platform language is the result of compromise within the Republican Party. I’ve learned that in politics and in policy adoption most successes come when everyone is willing to compromise. I believe this new platform language is a giant step in the right direction and establishes Texas as a model for other states to follow.

This new platform provides a solution that will show that Texas can lead the way on an issue that has divided the country for many years and gives us the tool we need on campaign trail to cut the Democrats off at the pass when they begin to attack the Republican Party on the issue of immigration.

To view the complete 2012 Republican Party Platform click this link: 2012 Republican Platform Document.

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 Raul Torres

State Representative

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