Texas Republicans Lead on Immigration, Force Obama’s Hand

By Artemio Muñiz

Last week at the Republican Party of Texas Convention in Ft. Worth, an overwhelming majority of Texas delegates – from all Texas’ Congressional & Senatorial Districts – voted to adopt new language in the immigration plank of our platform. Mass deportation was rejected, and a guest worker program was brought forth as our policy proposal.

What ensued was an alarming amount of media coverage for those involved. With this action, we have fired our first shot in what is to become a war over the hearts and minds of Hispanic voters for the General Election of 2012.

Obama’s weakest point, his greatest fear, is that we Republicans will be able to overcome our own party’s fear of engaging in this new warfare, and come together to focus the Hispanic community’s attention on one simple truth – he has deported more than any other President in history. Clearing away industries and companies to make room for unions will cost Obama dearly, even if the mainstream media tries to cover this up.

For one week we had the initiative, were armed with a new truth, and were able to engage 60% of the Hispanic vote nationwide which are of Mexican descent and tend to be found in the battleground states of Florida, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada.

Unfortunately the RNC, and the Romney campaign struggled with the task of going on all out offensive war, and even though we gave them a week head-start to own the immigration issue, they hesitated.

The lesson learned here is that our Republican national machine is not ready to engage in an all out trench, grassroots war for the Hispanic vote. They still have time, however, to listen to the Federation of Hispanic Republicans.

One good thing did come out of all of this, and that is that Obama exposed his next hand too early. In desperation, and feeling the heat of a pivoting Republican Party of Texas, he brought out a new promise, adding to his collection of broken ones.

If there is one thing we can know from liberals, its that when they scream about something, that is where you hit them the hardest.

All across Spanish media, the word is out and it is having a huge impact.  If Republicans across the nation can become comfortable with the Texas solution on immigration, cast away mass deportation as the goal of policy formation and instead seek to secure the border, and enact a strict guest-worker program, the rest will come easy.

This means replacing Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe’s damaged narrative with the Texas narrative, one that a majority of Republicans are for and is truly conservative in nature.

Hispanics are:

  1. Furious over “Fast & Furious”
  2. Upset at the unemployment rates, and
  3. Cannot stand the meager conditions of our education system.

But before they admit this, we must evoke in them the real source of their anger and frustration, which stems from the utter hypocrisy, lies, and the two-faced nature of this President.

His promise was to fix immigration, and with a 67% Hispanic vote, he returned the support and paid back the Hispanic community with mass deportations. This is the huge atomic bomb of strategies for our Republican party, too bad our national Republican political consultant class, and advisors are too stuck in their metrics and polls to understand human nature anymore.

This is a golden opportunity for Texas Republicans to step and save the day.

Our Federation of Hispanic Republicans have begun the “Obama Two-Face” project, in Spanish http://www.obamadoscaras.com, which will be unveiled on national Spanish radio on Univision. With this project, we will raise the funds to do ads, robocalls, pushcards, billboards in the battleground state of Florida, focusing entirely on the Hispanic vote that Jeb Bush was able to win there, 70% as governor.

The RNC, and  Romney’s campaign, may be either too afraid, lack the knowledge, or are just too slow to take the fight to the Democrats, so we Texans will take it to the streets of Florida.

We ask for your help Texas. Send us to Florida … and remember, it was Texas Republicans who won the Hispanic vote for Romney.

Artemio Muniz serves as the chair of Federation of Hispanic Republicans, headquartered in Texas. Built to be a true grassroots outreach machine for the Republican Party, its mission is to be the bridge between the Republican Party and the Hispanic community. Their efforts helped lead an 86% Hispanic Texas town become a 65% Republican voting town, after 2 years of community service projects, candidate recruitment and grassroots mobilization.

The Federation of Hispanic Republicans is focused on establishing Texas as the capital of conservatism, and extending its success throughout the southwest to the California coast.

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